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  1. When life is the illusion
    and my dreams shatter like glass
    Reality is confuions, but this to shall pass 
    or some may say 
    "HAVE FAITH"! "Hope comes and the coming of a new day!"
    Yet somemuch I've heard years before.
    With the closing of there books and the closing of there doors.
    But the  ones that leave you on the road will say
    "Dont worry everything will be ok, I Swear"
    Evidence of there god that might not care
    Sometimes you have to wonder is the motherfucker even there
    The sheep and the zombies walk the streets
    If you cant beat em. Join em.

  2. there once was a woman in the theater
    who let men pee on her
    she got an infection and went into a depression
      and no one ever saw her again 

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