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  1. I was a good husband, faithful and caring. 
    Now In doing 25 to life Cus I made a mistake. 
    It all started out with a harmless argument. 
    It was about something stupid something less than loose change.
    I was angry and hot headed so I walked out the door before I did something stupid.
    I got in my car and turned on the ignition.
    Put it in drive and went to the bar.
    I sat down and got a shot.
    I tossed it back, i could feel the burn in my throat.
    I got 4 or 5 more, drank and paid my bill than left to head home.
    I got in my car and went home.
    I opened the door and walked up stairs.
    Got the ar15 out of the safe. 
    Walked into the kitchen were my wife was reading the paper. I unloaded the clip with a rata-tat-tat. The neighbors called the cops who got here in 1:30 mins. 
    I resisted and they sprayed me with mase and beat me till I was limp.
    Now I'm doing 25 to life Cus I made a mistake.

    So what do you think. I got the idea from watching the "Stan" music video. Probably the only good song from him.

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