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  1. I just discovered how neat these are... I mean you just subscribe, and they automaticly update once a day.. I can get the news while I'm heading to work, at work, coming home from work..

    Plus theres a NORML podcast (I think they should rename it a potcast)
  2. I've seen this on my Ipod, what exactly is it?
  3. i dont kno for sure but i bet its something like where u plug in ipod to itunes .. go to the prodcast area and like it will have things .. well good ex .. norml one .. u click on normal and it download the mp3 file for todays news of norml..
  4. A podcast is a radio show in mp3 format that you can either listen to on your computer, burn to a cd, or load onto your mp3 player. Programmes like iTunes, iPodder and Juice allow you to subscribe so that every time a new episode is released, it downloads automatically.

    I do a podcast every monday all about the cannabis community, covering news on mail order marijuana, cannabis and the law, psychedelics, growing, vaporizers and a whole load more. I've done 18 episodes so far, and it's growing every week. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback, including some from this forum, and I'm going to Amsterdam next week to do a few shows from there.

    In the latest episode i tell some DXM horror stories, talk about vaporizers and the police's new spy techniques for sniffing out grow ops, and break some worrying news about medical suppliers Bud Buddies.

    You can download it and all the previous shows here or if you have iTunes, you can go here
  5. I used to subscribe to the Ricky Gervais podcast. He's the dude behind the UK "The Office." Oh man, funny as hell. Unfortunately, it's no longer free. Most podcasts are free. Right now I subscribe to the Autoblog podcast which is all about cars (yeah, i'm a car freak), the Lost podcast (Lost is an amazing show... most of the time), among others. Anyone with the ability to play mp3's can listen to a podcast be it on a computer or mp3 player. I'm just becoming acquainted to weed-focused podcasts, which I think is awesome. It's a match made in heaven as far as i'm concerned. Anyhoo, if you haven't listened to a podcast, there will more than likely be one out there that you would like. The tough part is wading through the crappy ones to find the gems.
  6. AHHHH its the dopefiend! Whats up man? I just started listenin to ur podcast and it grows on you. Keep up the good work man!
  7. i listened to #18 you seem like a really chill and cool dude keep up the good work
  8. did you hear him answer my question about half an hour in!?!?

    ... i'm such a whore...
  9. The dopecast is amazing. I had an email I sent about Iboga (african plant which fucks you up) read on dopecast 26. Keep up the good work dopefiend!!
  10. like the podcast dopefiend keep up the good work

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