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  1. A request to those designing portable pocket pipes, for a need to make designs with end plugs to prevent smell. Thus a closure for the bowl end, draw end, and if existing the carburetor hole.

    For decades, I only used such pipes at home if at all because drug paraphernalia laws thus just smoked via
    joints. Only since passage of recent prop 64 here in California has that not been a crime. Of course a lot of those less careful than this person have been busted for pipes in vehicles after traffic stops upon searching. Thus in the recent couple years have begun to use pipes that can of course be more efficient when one is consuming expensive high THC flower. I'm currently using a small chillum fake cigarette metal pipe that I have successfully plugged ends of with ordinary end pencil erasures.

    However also have one of the below small silicone pipes that I otherwise find excellent that am looking to plug the draw end with. After smoking even a little it becomes way way too easy to smell as though I'm a moving cloud of stink weed. Thus am using any small zip seal bag if in a pocket but poor sealing is not a poor long term solution.

    The bowl end nicely comes with a cover. There is a side of bowl carburetor hole I just plan to fill with glue. So it is the narrow oval shaped draw end I've been looking to modify. Maybe a small balloon with a wider opening? I do clean the pipe after use that consists of dunking in water and then putting in my freezer a short while. After removal from freezer, much of the weed combustion stuff can be cracked off with the ice. A couple such cycles works well but even then it is smelly unlike a pure glass pipe after cleaning.

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