plz....use condoms..

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. hHa thats great
  2. I remember seeing that awhile back. Funny video.
  3. I feel sorry for that guy!
    I saw a commercial recently of a kid pitching a fit, and then his mom fell down on the ground and pitched a bigger fit. the kid shut up.
  4. a small strip of duct tape right across the mouth....

    ....duct tape, it fixes everything
  5. haha yes it does... and my grandfather would have agreed too. lol. rest his soul
  6. lmao at the word sweeties
  7. I guess times have changed. If I pulled that shit as a kid I would have been swatted so hard I'd have forgot my name for a few days.
  8. same here man
  9. Hehe funny shit, ^^ same here kids need a good crack every now and again in my opion and that situation would have worked perfectly for the such.
  10. lmfao dude holy shit the fucking kid wants some sweeties hes got the munchies give em a break wow thats the first thing that came to my mind cuz i got the fucking munchies right now
  11. My fucking ears!
  12. Haha damn that kids pissin me off.
  13. ohhh yah bigtime... my parents wouldnt fuckin wait for me lol
  14. im baked man....:smoking: yipeeeeee
    anyway.....roflmfao man that was +rep for making me giggle...tho the munchies r takin over now :>:>

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