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  1. okay so this morning i went outside and took a big look on my 4t TW plant and i saw that one of the colas had a diferent look... so i took a closer look and seen inside of the nugg and it had about 30-40 lil egg lookin' things w/ a catepillar or worm on it.. then i went ahead and looked arounf on other colas and it seemed to have the same stuff going on.. what can i do?... i have the 3-1 spray solution.. but my plant is in its 5 week of flowering and i dont know if its a good idea or not... but i don want to loose out n it.. plz help.. thank you
  2. tobacco juice man, its a natural pesticide. or try that neem oil shit i hear a lot of growers praise. your predicament totally sucks man, i hope you can still salvage some smokable bud. good luck, peace.
  3. go to the sick plants neighborhood...they will help...listen to ganga guerilla's advice...otherwise i would neem oil the hell out of that plant...i'm a noob though...good luck man..peace
  4. I don't know what insects that 3 in 1 spray is effective on, but I'd certainly do whatever it took to kill those munchers.

    I use roteone/pyretherin spray most of the time on all my garden plants. You could also sprinkle some sevin dust all over the plant to get rid of the catepillars.

    3-1 spray info:
    Product Description
    Potassium salts of fatty acids are derived from plants and act as a contact insecticide to permanently paralyze insects and mites. Sulfur is a naturally occurring element that effects the body functions of insects and mites. Sulfur also affects the ability of a fungus to continue growth, making it an effective fungicide. The blend of these two natural substances provides a simple natural solution to insect, mite and fungus control. Use only on affected area as this is a broad spectrum insect killer. This product is best applied when the air temperature is less than 90 degrees as both active ingredients can burn tender foliage in higher temperatures. Safe for use around plants, animals and people.Do not use in full sun or when temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use with in 4 weeks following application of oil spray.
  5. I had the same problem and am fighting then every day.( looking for eggs before hatching) I used this stuff called catapiller killer made by safer brand. It worked but the eggs are laid by a moth/butterfly the pillers are just the larvea.The ones I have are inch worms 4 legs in front and 6 in back. I started a thread on those and have a site on there with a list of them and the true name for them.

    Sad thing is if you have those on on bud they're on more than that. Take a small flashlight and search with that.(It helps narrow down the area of search.)Look for dark brown poop looking things they are a sign of them.

    Also are the eggs a light light brown and the size of a sharpened pencil tip?

    Go to search up top and type inch worms I have a site there.

  6. I looked for a little bit but I got lost.:smoking:

    Here is the name of the family: Geometridae ---- I hope this is the same problem because "Knowing is half the battle" as GI Joe would say. I have been able to contain them now that I know what to look for. I hope you you are able to do the same..:wave:
  7. Catarpiller Killer is the name of the best stuff I have found. I used a 3 in 1 befire and it burned everything. I did it in the morning and followed the directions and still.

    Catapiller killer is made by safer brand and is good up to harvest. I would not use any less that 14 days before harvest. I put some on today and I am 2-3 weeks from harvest. I have never noticed a taste differance or any other problem.

    If you want to just look for them. I notice they start on the little buds on the lower part of the branch and work there way up. Look for missing hairs or differant looking areas then zero in and look for little brown poop. If you find that your close to one, follow the poo up and you will find it. They are the same color as the plant so look very good.

    Expect to man handle the buds and open them up to find them.:eek: Just try to keep the little leaves between your fingers and the hairs. It gets real sticky and you will pull some hairs out. It will heal. I wish I found that product in my shed 3 weeks ago.:smoking:

    Good luck I need it also but think I am ahead of them fingers crossed...

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