plz help i dont really understant teas

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  1. what is the point of acts? i dont understand them? i know theyre not used as nutes so whats the point of adding guano and all these fertilizers n shit if the real use is to energize the microherd in the organic compost you added to your soil mix! please explain it to me throughly!

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  2. In a nutshell, with compost tea or worm tea you are brewing up a large number of microbes to do the work in the soil. Think of it as brewing your own labor pool.

    Although that does sounds a bit creepy...
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  3. Take a look at the thread in my signature.  I just added some info about my brewer.  Hopefully there will be some good discussion about it.
    FWIW.... I don't believe I've ever seen anyone recommend guano in an AACT.  Mostly because there aren't microbes in fossilized bat guano lol.
    I think you are confusing AACTs with Botanical Teas.  AACTs inoculate your soil with a vigorous microherd..... a boost of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.  Botanicals provide nutrients which those microbes can make available to your plant.
  That site thoroughly explains AACTs.
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    I can understand OP's confusion.  You ever take a trip through the "Post Your Organic Tea Recipe!" thread?  Lots of misinformation spread through misunderstanding in there...
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