PLZ HELP does this look like Spider Mites?

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  1. This is my first time growing , I have 3 Plants that are around 30 days old .
    At first I would put them outside during the day and bring them inside at night and put them under an ottman light for a few more hours . That went on for about a week until I was able to purchase a full spectrum light which now they're indoors 24/hrs.
    Anyways I noticed there was this white web like stuff on one of the leaves . Not really webby but more like a fungus or mold like substance. I've sprayed Mold Buster from ILGM on it and that didn't do much . Now it's starting to consume the leaf and it is looking more webby like it could be mites . I have my 2 other plants right next to it that seem great . No spots except I did catch a little caterpillar trying to munch on a leaf . Other than that my other ones seem fine.
    Now When I zoom in on the affected area I feel like I do see mite like creatures but I can't tell if I'm just psyching myself into thinking they're there or not , this is my first time growing .
    If anyone could give me advice on what it is and what to do I would really really appreciate it . Thank you ! 20230304_081730.jpg 20230304_081347.jpg 20230304_081730.jpg 20230304_081347.jpg 20230304_133224.jpg 20230304_081156.jpg 20230304_133501.jpg 20230304_081730.jpg 20230304_081347.jpg 20230304_133224.jpg 20230304_081156.jpg 20230304_133501.jpg 20230303_202018.jpg 20230303_201556.jpg
  2. The white specs on the leafs do,
    the blurry close up photo are no help me.
    A pic of the underside the leafs with camera about ten inches away .
    look for black specs , but need focused photos
  3. Hey , Thank you !
    The second I arrive back at the house I'll upload more photos
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  4. At first look it doesn't appear to be mites. Those bugs look too big and that webbing is way too thick for mites. Looks like some other insect did it. :confused_2:

    Look on the underside of the leaves. That's where mites hang out the most.
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  5. Thank you ! I found out it was a silk worm!
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  6. Yeah spidermite webbing is very thin and fine until they really get out of control and start webbing everything. Be on the look out for more worms, those fuckers can eat lol.

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