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  1. I was just wondering what is the best way to prep. the places where i plan to put my plants outside. All my spots are in the woods and in the past ive just put my plants directly in the soil. Are there any good soil additives or organics that are good to combine with the soil thats there? Is there anything else i can/should do to the soil where i put my plants? also i always read people on these boards talking about digging and preparing holes for their plants, what exactly does this entail? Any help is greatly appreciated especially from ppl that have experience growing in forests and wooded areas. Thx
  2. Masses of stuff already written on this. Read Corto Malteze´s threads.
  3. each of my holes were roughly 3 foot wide at the top and 2 feet deep. I added 7.5 pounds of worm castings, 3 ounces Mycorrhizal, 1 cup blood meal, 1/2 cup bone meal, and will probably mix 3/4 pound of high nitrogen bat guano to each hole.
    For 4 holes i used a 3.8 ft^3 of vermiculite, perlite, and moss (well used about 3/4 of the bale... its dense). I had 4 ft^3 of manure and topsoil. I also added a few shovel scoops of the earth i dug from the hole. Over 4 holes, each is just about full, and may be slightly below level ground... i prolly need to get a bail of promix or somethin to fill them up.

    Plants arent even in it yet but from how it feels and what i have gathered on here it seems to be a good soil mix.

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