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  1. ok guys so I been a lurker for a lil while, grower for a couple years. I got OG Kush (the ones with most buds), sour diesel, and poision durban in a homemade ebb and flow under 800watts 600 hps and 2 105 watt CFL's and a 6" blower vented to the attic.. Its my first multi-strain grow, but I have managed it. All are about 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall started from clones

    So first the OG kush started in full flower, about 3 weeks ago, 1 week after turning to 12/12. Now at 4 weeks, OG is got about a ounce per plant on the 4 in the room. The Poision durban, is not acting like how poision durban should, it stayed VERY short, 12" at 12/12 and 16" after the flowering strech, cause of this, I took them to the side, they just couldnt compete with OG or SD. The sour diesel, stretched a incrdible 3x its length before kicking into flower, but is well on its way, is flowering started really kicking in about 3 to 3 1/2 weeks from 12/12. So here is some pics, next update will be harvest of OG kush since it seems theyll be done much before any1 else.

    Please leave your comments, questions, opions and I will stop by now and again to say hi n such. Before you ask, GH 3 part nute, hygrozyme and bud candy are all I use.I am a KISS fan I guess. leave your advice for yourself, no offene to anyone, its just it seems alots people like to talk about what they dont really know, ya know?

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