Pllleeeassee help 5 weeks to go and hairs going brown?

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  1. Hi all, ive been growing for awhile and haven't really noticed this before. I have 5 weeks left on bud and have noticed some "hairs" turning brown towards the top of the plants (one in particular). 
    I have always  cloned off the same plants and never had any hermies. I can't see any banana's so i'm picking that's a good sign.
    What could be causing this???
    No nut burn etc. Any ideas please??
    Really REALLY don't want to lose this crop so close to christmas!!!! Am i just being paranoid ?
    Thanks heaps guys and girls

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    If they are turning brown does this mean a plant is towards the end of its cycle and the goes to seed.
  3. Middle pic looks 100% fine. 1st and 3rd pic look like you may have over watered, under watered, overheated, or got the plant too close to the bulb. Good luck! Lookin good otherwise
  4. Thanks for the reply mate! Over heating shouldn't be a problem but maybe the watering could be be issue. As long as they don't go to seed haha.
  5. genetics lol

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