Pledge of Non-allegiance

Discussion in 'General' started by patriot, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. This is a tough one, but I wrote it last year and decided to post it here.

    I do not pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Slave States of Amerikka, (U.S.S.A.), nor to the police state for which it stands. One Godawful Nation, under Satan, with liberty and justice only for the rich or unjust.
  2. Why would you write that? Do you live in the US?

    I have a saying---If you don't like where you are, then move!
  3. america.... my home...... i dont like it but im too lazy ( or is it young:smoking:) to move....... maybe later
  4. I'M not going to post this reply again. U've already heard it about five times from me- one world SHOULD mean one nation- after all we are all human- why can't we prove it? Nations cause wars and death- I hate you cos ur from this country. I'm not gonna help you- you're from this country. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Who want's to start a country with me- WEEDLAND (sounds like an amusement park i kno but we'll come up with somethin). Anyone can come in our out as they please. Laws on weed are pro weed and kinda anti other shit like crack and heroin but at the end of the day it's ur choice, everyone's nice and chilled cos there is an abundance of weed. The only entry requirement is that you have to grow a couple of plants that the community will provide for all members. And we help people in different countries and don't have any wars with anyone.... SHEAH RIGHT LIKE THAT'S EVER GONNA HAPPEN....
  5. From most of you. I also consider myself a Christian therefore I stand up for plants that come from the Lord. I went to a tax protest the other day and the first two things that happened there was prayer, then the pledge of allegiance. God and country was in effect. The idea for WEEDLAND is not new as George Washington passed a law in 1789 that said if you own property in Virginia you had to grow hemp. Remember when Germans waved the Nazi flag? They supported Hitler in his doings and murdering millions of people of all kinds. The Pope went to visit Hitler. Throwing people in jail and seizing their property for using plants falls into the same catagory. Persecuting people for no good reason. I feel that instead of moving away, I will continue to try and educate people in a more proper manner than our government has. By the way, the American flag I do support has 13 stars on it and was made from hemp. Thank you again for the good responses. It does my heart good to know I am not alone in my feelings.
  6. In my first reply I guess i was real blunt!

    First of all I love my land not my government.
    Second I CAN educate but i can't change the world.
    Third I do support what you are saying Patriot but changing the words to the pledge of allegiance doesn't change the way things are.

    We the people by the people for the people, has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    It should be we the rich by the rich for the rich.

    Amanita you have a very good point!

    WEEDLAND sounds like the perfect name for the country of herb!
  7. Ok if you look at the whole picture the country is quite nice and as someone said that we're bullies have you ever heard the phrase to the victor goes the spoils, its not our fault that we control the globe but our responsibility to keep it under control hence our presence in the middle east if we werent there you know there would be a huge war and every country would get dragged into it even though i dont agree on their drug policy you have to stand behind them or we will become a week shitty country

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