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please visit this ultimate strainbase thread

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by pokernaut, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i totally missed your point there! now that i know what you mean, i TOTALLY agree. i'd taken it for granted that all of the site's MAIN info would be moderator access only. does wikipedia let every knucklehead with a keyboard re-edit data? that's bogus.

    the ONLY thing members could edit would be their profile, vote history & individual reports.

    maybe there could be a suggestion box for adding NEW strains or a seperate amateur breeders section for home brewed data that would allow adding of new "top level" info.

    i keep getting the idea for a seperate "unknown & bagseed" section but haven't written it down yet so i'll post that here.

    moderators should be the only ones with access to top level info. that's the way it worked with OG. they created the strain pages and members just added their own reports to it.

    i was thinking that the site would use a combination of traditional with wiki style data management. when i think wiki, i only think of highlighted text hotlinking eg. definitions as you mentioned and not a data free for all. that would be chaos and total garbage.

    imagine all of those poor souls calling lowryder the best strain in the world and moving it to the home page!

    are we on the same page now? LOL
  2. yes we are. synergy rules :)
  3. hey pokey[if i may] just wanted to say u opened my eyes re sativa/indica. +rep,to say the least for your consciousness-raising work:D
    p.s. kinda weird about yr cuz,tho. hope yall kiss+make up:smoke:
    pps- haha-had to edit when i saw my sig. i made my own seeds,+ just plunk em in w/my other plants w/no worries about light cycles. dont get alot ,but it's a light happy high-exactly as advertised. + 2 mos. seed to weed! i love the freaky little buggers! btw, have 3 zamal+3 unk. sativa getting fat outside,+ smoking lr while i wait ;]
  4. it's just so hard because 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the crap that gets sold is indica dominant. it drives me bonkers and fighting the sativa cause is one of life's top missions for me.

    as to my cousin... once i DIY some sativas, i'll send them to him so he knows excactly how big a fidiot he really is! he can't be too bright... he's a crackhead. still, once he gets a taste of kali mist and it's burning hot red pepper taste and finds he's happy as a pig in shit and can't sit still, he'll surely see the light. then, when he tries trippy C99 or A11, he'll realize that heightened senses are something that indicas don't do either and finally, cali-o, bubblegum & blueberry will show him there's a world of flavor out there too and that skunk is indeed NOT the only kind of bud there is in the world even if that's all greedy harvest it way too late beaster dealers handle.

    it really saddens me that an entire generation thinks that the crap they spend way too much on is actually good.

    i'm going to SHARE my headstash and reach the worlds zombies one at a time! LOL

    so have YOU tried a sativa yet, and if you did, did you have an orgasm?
  5. i'm guessing i've been around long enough to smoke something mostly sativa at least. unfortunately i wouldn't have known what made the difference at the time.
  6. once you smoke sativa... you become a believah!

    hey, maybe i should make that my signature seeing as i don't have one yet
  7. Have a Random Strain button like Wiki's Random Article link.

    That would be pretty sweet.
  8. there's an idea... slot machine style navigation.
  9. Tried to find the sit. is it dead? any one got ideas?

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