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please visit this ultimate strainbase thread

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by pokernaut, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. half a dozen of us here at grasscity, so far, are working on revamping

    from the ground up. we intend to make it the best resource for strain information in the world with superior smoke reports & med use details with super simple navigation and a bold graphic style.

    we're also going to integrate medical use data and resources as a big part of the site. any feedback or ideas you could offer on any aspect of the project including med use would be great. as you can see from the early design concepts, we want to make the site extremely med user friendly.

    we'd like your input on what you'd like to see in "the ultimate strainbase" as well as what you hate about typical "old school" clunky website navigation.

    please stop by the thread in the seed bank forum. maybe there's just not enough traffic there, or maybe no-one want to be bothered to add their 2 cents. if there's something you wish someone was doing but aren't at the moment regarding the lowdown on all the varieties in the world, let us know! PLEASE!

    take a look at the page designs too. let us know what you do and don't like there too.

    if you like simple strain windowshopping or hate trying to dig scarce information up on a strain you want to grow and/or wading through a month's worth of spam to get one useful piece of info, stop by and see what we're planning and add your voice to the process.

    thanks a bunch to anyone who stops by and leaves just one idea or an opinon about the proposed look.

    the WORST THING IN THE WORLD in strain reporting is a dozen people saying vague crap like
    "man that sheeit is DANK!"
    "best stuff i ever smoked!"

    what does that mean? we're out to get down to the details like flavor, couchlock, euphoria, trippiness, pain relief and all of the other many variables in a canniboid profile
  2. Nice site, like the Wiki style layout. Good luck in building the site and making sure the user submitted material is accurate and quality.
  3. actually, that's the OLD site. the new one will keep the wiki style crosslinking etc, but will be laid out alot simpler so the screen isn't cluttered with a bunch of noise. TOO much info at once is a bad thing as far as i'm concerrned as you have to waste time skimming throught things of no interest while the new site will require a couple more moseclicks to get where you want to be, but those clicks would be virtually instant as the screens would only have a few buttons.

    check out the link at the bottom of this page. it's the thread where all the details are laid out along with some sample screeenshots of possible page designs. hopefully, stramlining the info would make finding info you seek alot quicker and easaier in the long run without dealing with info you could care less about.

    i know i used to DESPISE wading through photos, grow reports and other spam just to get to the ONLY thing i care about... smoke reports. seperating all of those things would let everyone get to the specific point of interest andthat alone.
  4. Okay, can't wait to see the site up and running. When I get some (growing) experience under my belt I'll definitely contribute to the site.
  5. very good thanks. we're especially gearing for med users because they tend to give more specific strain reporting and hopefully, the site will become well known enough that it has alot of people contributing.

    if you have any ideas for things you wish for in a strainbase or things that bug the heck out of you at regular sites, stop by the main thread in seedbanks that i posted a link for and add your 2 cents.
  6. Gearing up for med users? Perfect. I just posted a Strawberry Cough review. It's pretty quick and simple. Planning on reviewing every strain I can get my hands on so definitely hit me up if you need some strain reviews.
  7. the MAIN FOCUS of the site will be strain reviews and hopefully better ones than typical "man that shit was dank!" reviews that most people seem to do.

    i know it totally drove me nuts trying to find out the lowdown on individual strains because it seemed most reports were only concerned with nutrient levels and photos of plants and often didn't include ANY smoke report info.

    hopefully, the new site will encourage reporters to be more forthcoming in the smoke report category because that's THE ONLY THING that matters as far as i'm concerned. pretty pictures are OK (unless you're on dialup! LOL) but like i always say, you can't smoke a picture.

    a report on strawberry cough would be AWESOME especially because that's a rare strain with little to no info.

    DEFINATELY stop by the site when it's up and report on anything you smoked. that's what it's there for. in the meantime, if you'd like, you can post right now at wikistrains which is where the new site will be coming from. the webmaster there wants to build a bigger, better site.

    we'd be glad to hear ANYTHING you could tell us about any strain as well as any ideas for features you'd like to see at such a site or things that drive you nuts at the rest of the sites out there.

    the new one will be a very different animal from previous strainbases.
  8. This site has a lot of potential and i would be happy to add some info on various strains that i have worked with. i think it should be noted that i clicked on a link on the site and my Norton anti virus went insane reporting a Trojan and two back doors i don't for a second think it was done intentionally by yourself or anything of that nature but i do believe u have some bugs to look into .

    but all in all i think it's an awesome idea for a site :hello:
  9. what site? wikistrains?

    i'll notify the webmaster IMMEDIATELY! someone must have hacked into the site. obviously we don't want a site with viruses. thanks for the heads up on that. i'll pass it along.

    was it my pics? if that's the case, i'll re-host them elsewhere.

    why do hackers have to be such dipwads?

    i'm sorry to hear about the virus. i hope you got it removed OK. i just clicked on the wikistrains link and got to the website OK. could it be that norton posted a false positive there? do you remember EXACTLY what happened and where?
  10. "Ultimate strainbase?" Yeah right, man. They have 14 strains listed. I've smoked more than that.
  11. give it time?

    i think the pages should have more pictures and definitely have a user submitted review section for each strain
  12. that's the OLD SITE!

    we're totally rebuilding it from the ground up. we're probably going to use the OG strainbase data right off the bat.

    that alone will make it one of the best online strainbases, only we're going to take that concept a step further with more detailed smoke report categories as well as applying wikipedia style crosslinking and advanced search features and easy navigation.

    we also might sift through all of the MJ forums and add all of their SCATTERED reports to our data or at the very least include it in our search engine which will give less junk results than google etc.

    once it's up and running, we'll also promote it at ALL of the MJ forums so that everyone knows it exists in the first place AND we'll give it a catchy name too. right now i'm liking

    the wikistrains webmaster wants to take his original concept to the next level. wait until we get it done before you make your mind up about it for one, and tell us YOUR bigger & better ideas to make it the best resource ever for two! we're definately looking for new ideas and ways to cut the junk and clutter that makes finding quality info so hard with the web's resources up 'till now.

    if you're going to criticize, do it CONSTRUCTIVELY. give us something we can use on version 2.0.
  13. those are some awesome ideas, poker. i hadn't heard most of those yet... appears to be taken already... perhaps you already own it or you can look up available domain names on any of the registrar's websites (like
  14. sonofa bisquit eatin' mofo! every time i get a killer idea, someone's already beaten me to it!

    as to ideas, if you hadn't heard those, i had PAGES of them i sent to "the chief" and was going through them to re-organize them by topic eg. strainbase, site navigation, control panel (home) etc.

    to me, MOST sites are clunky, noisy cookie cutter nightmares.

    as to networking, there are some REALLY active sites out there with HUGE grow & strain report sections. it only seems logical to try and connect with them all to get the ball rolling and get people onboard.

    i just think that if someone builds a site that has KILLER info with no brainer navigation and junk free search results that people will fall in love with it, at least those of us non-hackers who hate doing everything the hard way. (read same old same old)

    wikipedia is an AWESOME idea in theory, but the interface is too noisy for my tastes. it's too much info at once. i like the idea of zeroing in on info quickly without wasting time on stuff you could care less about.

    a site can have huge amounts of data without overloading the senses if laid out logically. it should be possible to cover a huge range of topics with just 3 or 4 mouseclicks just like the old saying that everyone in the country is just 5 acquaintances away from anyone else in the country.

    i'm a big fan of simplicity and a big hater of bad smoke reporting. OG is a decent database, but it's layout is clunky (even when it was connected to a search engine) and it's reports totally sucked because most people were more concerned about nutrient levels and pics and couldn't be bothered to describe a high in detail.

    that's why i got banned from there. i spent a year chasing shadows to get DECENT smoke report info for "practical indoor sativas" and had one too many fights with fanboys who got sick of my endless (& fruitless) window shopping.

    THAT'S why i think a new site totally needs to nag reporters to death to give up the goods in the smoke report category. as a total indica hater,
    "the best shit i ever smoked"
    just doesn't cut it for a smoke report with me. it shouldn't take a year to learn about cinderella 99 (which wasn't as well known 2-3 years ago) because the 10-20 people that report on it only care about their damn photos & nutrients! LOL
  15. yah, wikipedia is awesome for what it is. i don't think a wiki is going to be the best solution for our project from a database/search functinoality standpoint though.

    our scope is much more specific (just reporting on known categories of information for MJ). all the text on a wiki page goes into a single field in a database which doesn't really make for easy or efficient searching. if the database is designed with separate fields for strain, average thc %, average yield, taste, and other standard fields, we will be in a much better position to provide useful ways to report and sort our information.

    i think it is a great idea to link from our info to posts on various MJ forums and other outside information though, and adding outside info to our database is great too as long as it is done in a somewhat systematic/controlled manner.

    i think the standard fields should be limited in who can add/edit/delete information. then we can have a comments section for each strain maybe that is also searchable that is able to be added to by any user. i dunno. the downside of all this i'm talking about is that it could require quite a bit more moderating, dunno.

    i'll be back to ramble more later i'm sure. poker, i'd love to see all your notes sometime!
  16. i just finished organizing all of the rest of the notes last night and am now going back through them to prune redundant ideas and miscelaneous ramblings.

    i'm totally AGAINST limiting the number of fields in a strain report though. if not PUSHED to give info, most people are extremely lazy in their smoke reporting. it drives me nuts to waste HOURS at a time sifting through reports and NEVER finding a single useful piece of info about how a strain smokes. multiple data fields FORCE users to be more precise. OG was a start, but it's fields were too vague. i totally disagree with "body effects" being the standard description for indicas for example because trippy thai had awesome body effects that made me feel like i was floating or walking downhill all the time and that my feet wanted to kick out high in front of me. THAT'S a definate body effect and kali mist's extreme energetic high is a body effect too.

    THOSE are the traits i look for in a strain, but because sativas are generally unknown to the average smoker, i can NEVER get good quality smoke reporting. like i always say, smoke reports are the ONLY thing i care about, but 90% of the time they're ignored and 99% of the few times they ARE covered, they suck rotten eggs. i gotta have me some good smoke reports to be happy. if i had my way, that's ALL anyone would talk about. no pics, no hydro nutrient discussions and no distracting side conversations. if i had my way, people filling out reports would get mild electric shocks until they cover smoke reporting and use AT LEAST a dozen adjectives! LOL

    weak butt smoke reporting is my biggest bugaboo in the entire cannabis universe. i'm sick and tired of it. sorry if that makes coding a little harder for you tech guys but it's just gotta be done.

    like i've said in my notes, any fields left blank would be invisible in a given report (OG wastes time showing them) and more fields = better search results. if i went to google, i could probably spend a week looking for "best trippy compact indoor sativa". i know i wasted an entire year at the OG FORUM trying to find them to no avail. that's just wrong.

    maybe you're just not an indica despiser like i am and can't feel my pain. i've wasted the past 20 years NEVER getting high no matter who i got my bud from except the times i got stomped on mexcom or the single kali mist and durban poison buds i was given.

    for someone with my priorities, it's like the entire world is hostile towards sativas and wants to keep anything remotely sativa dominant a top secret.

    multiple fields are also a NECCESITY for med users as there are so many different traits they seek from anti-anxiety to appetite stimulation.

    i see this new site as an opportunity to put an end to useless reporting once and for all.

    here's a quick fact for you...

    i used to be best friends with one of my cousins growing up. we were always staying over at each other's houses etc. after we grew up, i went to see star trek: first contact with him. he smoked me out and asked me what i thought. as usual, it was evil couchlocking indica and i pointed out how much i hate that kind of high. he then got extremely uppity (and in his total ignorance) claimed "all weed is the same" and eventually started goading me for a fight for not backing down from the truth. to this day, i haven't talked to him since for it.

    there's really something wrong with the world when someone thinks all weed is the same and is willing to break family for it. in a way, he was right because after the indica infestation, sativas were to be found no more where i used to live, but i KNOW better and it's a personal mission of mine to educate the rest of the world to the big evil conspiracy that indicas are. THAT'S why i want to GIVE THEM AWAY once i grow, to undermine people pushing cash crap and to create a demand for bud that isn't evil.

    i truly DESPISE indicas and want them dead forever. any website that doesn't address the DIFFERENCES in strains that are possible is merely part of the problem in my book.

    OG didn't do much for the sativa cause as far as i'm concerned.
  17. /me holds his hands out for pokernaut's sativa buds :)
  18. pokey, i think you may have misunderstood what i meant by "limiting" because i agree with all of what you just said :D
  19. OK, i keep thinking you mean limiting the number of qualities to the bare minumum like OG did when you must be speaking hackerese to me.

    when it comes to such things, PLEASE use plain english, otherwise it goes right over my head. i'll be PMing you with a list of name ideas in a minute when the timer is up. PM me back with your favorites and add any new ones you have along with them.

    regardless of where we're at on development, we can get to a name pretty painlessly.

    i finished rough sorting all of my notes by category last night and need to gor through them to ediot out rambling and repetion.

    i'm thinking i'll create a webpage and post them all there instead of overloading a tiny PM window.

    BTW i had created a rollyo search engine just for MJ forum searching to limit junk results and now i'm getting no results out of it. it seems those uppity fascists don't want no stoners loitering around.
  20. haha yah. it was hackerese probably. here's what i meant (probably oversimplified for the sake of clarity)

    for a wikipedia entry you might have two database fields, one for the term and one for the page content.

    term -> zebra
    content -> zebras are like horses with white and black stripes. they are vegetarian and live in africa. we find them in the fossil record back to blah blah blah ad. they have symbolic relevance to this or that tribe of kenya.

    okay so now when you want to search for zebra, it all works out great and you get all the information about zebras. what if you want to search for all animals native to kenya? it would be impossible with this database design. the best you could do would be to search for all terms with "kenya" SOMEWHERE in their content

    say you added a 3rd field, native country

    term -> zebra
    native country -> kenya
    content -> zebras are like horses with white and black stripes. they are vegetarian and live in africa. we find them in the fossil record back to blah blah blah ad. they have symbolic relevance to this or that tribe of kenya.

    well now you can search for all animals where native country = kenya and get a nice accurate report. that pretty much summarizes what i was saying about a wiki format not being the best choice for our particular project.

    now, about limiting... i was talking about limiting access rather than limiting number of fields or amount of information. we can have as many fields as we decide are necessary and fill them as full of info as we want as far as i'm concerned. what we might want to limit is WHO can add, edit or delete the information in each field.

    i was suggesting that we limit access to important fields, but also make available some way for anyone to leave any extra info they want. so here's an example in real life application terms:

    perhaps we don't want random unknown users to be able to change NL#5 to be labeled as sativa, but we do want them to be able to leave their own personal entry in the smoke reports section.

    sorry i busted out the techno babble. it's what i do, it can't really be helped :smoke:

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