Please tell me what you think of my picture

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by eesti, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I am a photography student.
    I live in Tel-Aviv.
    and all i want i for someone to llok at my pictures

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  2. Nice pictures. Especially the ocean picture. How'd you take that?

  3. out my living room window
  4. Cool... you live right there...

    Did you use fisheye lens?
  5. Dont have lenses
    so i took three pictures and put them together in photoshop
  6. Oh... I see.

    To be honest, out of the five pictures you posted, none of them were better than C.

    The ocean picture, I'd give a C+.

    Do you have other pictures?

  7. Plenty
  8. Give me your best shot.
  9. Nice I like the one with the cigarette butts
  10. I'm beginning to see a bit of 'character' in your pictures. Which is definitely a good thing.

    Sets you apart from the crowd.

    What camera are you using at the moment?

  11. Im using a fujifilm finepix s3200

    Im saving up to buy a Canon SLR
  12. Yeah... get a decent Canon SLR... the Fuji you're using at the moment seems a bit... inadequate.

    I'm using Nikon, a D60. The cheapest Nikon DSLR you can buy... but it's good for it's price.

    I can't really say anything about Canons... except that it's also very good.

    You said you're a photography student. Are you trying to get a degree in photography?

  13. Well kind of.
    But i just really want to quit school and be a farmer
    so i dont think that i will get a degree.
  14. Study the masters and read whatever photography handbooks you can get your hands on. It's good that you are taking a class, but your teacher mostly likely has too many other kids to take care of to really spend time on you individually, this means that you must take the initiative to teach yourself as much as you can.

    Once you get your SLR, start shooting on manual until it becomes natural. The pay-off to learning this is HUGE, although it will take a while to get over the learning curve. Some "pros" never learn how to get past automatic and their vision and their pictures suffer because of it.

    Most importantly, keep taking pictures and find a style that you admire.

    Study the Masters:

    Photography-Now - A new directory dedicated to fine art photography, master photographers, contemporary artists and fine art galleries

    Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta Fine Art Photography Gallery

    Magnum Photos

    ^ there are some of my favorites... :)
  15. I think what the guy above said is wise.

    Do that, and when you're have the degree, THEN you can be a farmer.

    I think being a farmer is kick ass... the best.
  16. Yesh l'kha eyin tova l'tzilum. Rak tzrik matzlema tova.
  17. toda raba ahi

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