Please stop the state by state roll seem like a cop trolling for victims

Discussion in 'General' started by italian stallion, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Can't believe how many new members looking for info on where we live... or asking for hook ups while traveling...or just making us feel uneasy.

    Newbs plaese don't ask a blade where he's from. Us growers are a little uneasy and paranoid and your not helping.

    Or don't ask for a list of people to respond and give up there personal security.:(

    Just a thought cuz I've seen 13 threads from people asking who's from Connecticut? :eek:
  2. then dont reply to the threads? :confused:

    its annoying because it clogs up the forum with a thread that's filled with people saying "hey im from StateX too!" and then nothing else.
  3. I've tried to be mildly secretive about my area and yet I still get pm's about hookups... Sketchy....
  4. Dude yea, its up to you who you tell where you are, i kinda agree on going into someones grow journal and asking where they are, thats a bit on the edge of intrusive lol, but opening a thread asking hey where are all the XXXXXX stoners at, not harming anyone... Just dont go in them if they apply to you, easy as that

  5. I dont even grow and i get PM's about hookups on a frequent basis, luckily, as a mod, i can just ban them

    If people PM you asking for your location and a hook up, fucking report it lol we can handle that issue
  6. I had my location up for a solid year and nobody ever tried to get a hook up

    Seattle cops don't wanna troll around weed forums i guess....
  7. yeah i report 'em, it just creeps me out a bit
  8. I don't reply...but it makes you think it might be a set up.:(

    I was told by someone who knows more than could be a cop trolling. I listen. :eek:

    If i decide to tell someone that's my business....when you start a thread looking for poewple to give up personal info. :eek: :devious:
    That's what i do.:smoke:
  9. I get PMs occasionally from people, usually posing as hot chicks, trying to buy a bag from me. Those freak me out but I just ignore or report them.
  10. Lol its just a PM, if you dont answer its not like they got a background check done on you or something, even if you do answer, if you give out 0 info, they get 0 info lol...

    But i get what you're saying, people have inter-fear....It makes sense hahahah
  11. lmao @ inter-fear :laughing:
  12. Right, its YOUR business who you tell, so just dont tell them, rather than making people stop creating threads that could potentially be harmless (maybe someone is looking for people around them for a price question, maybe they want a friend on GC who isnt miles and miles away, you dont actually know what they were intending lol) just keep yourself safe and let them do them, and you do you hahahahahha
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    If you see anyone asking for hook ups just report them it's against the forum rules anyway, also what i do is i just stay clear from those threads anyway, and don't sign up to any groups called like i dunno somewhere tokers or somewhere growers either.

    Also this site is very secure when it comes to cops, they could never legally bust someone of here without going to the Netherlands getting a warrant and that would take along time, also SJ would probably give heads up to any member if that was going on. ;)

    And if they did they couldn't justify there actions if they searched your house because of a grow you posted on here, they would need evidence of where they got the information and if they said of this site without a warrant well that court case would go down hill faster than a nicks mascot on a skateboard ;)
  14. I'm not sure how ignoring a cop until he finds some dumb person to give him a lead is a good thing even if it's not happening to me?

    I was told those types of people with 3 posts and join last week could and prolly were cops. :eek:

    I don't want to see anyone get busted or harassed by the cops. :(
  15. COP COP COP COP deffinetly cop hahah or just that creepy old guy called hurbert from Family guy :D

    Oh hey yall chris wanna come into my house have some wine and chloraphil err i i mean i a nice apple :D

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