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Please someone help me!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LastHitSmackdMe, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Here is the problem i have, Dealers around here are getting worse and worse. Once i find a good dealer then they tend to go on dry spells or there products weaken. I live in Chicago and i cant believe how hard it is to find a good, reliable, non shady/sketchy, mature and fair dealer anyone able to help me out? any tips or places i should look ive tried everything and its not helping.:confused:
  2. High there Mr LEO:wave:
  3. haha that was a quick response any ideas or know anyone or anyway to help me out?
  4. Buy in larger amounts like if the guy doesn't sell ounces then ask him for one and if he gets you one then bam you'll have weed for a while. And if he can't sell in that amount he will refer you to a more reliable dealer because he's probably a middle man.
  5. Yeah man go to your local police station, tell them your girlfriend has gone missing out of your life, tell them her name is 'Mary Jane', while winking obviously.
    The police confiscate top quality weed day after day, and they will most likely sell it to you if you let them know you will 'destroy it through controlled combustion' only.
  6. Thanks nanners the most my guy can do is a half and its not really the amount thats the problem. See he was really good for a while then he got good stuff but the stems were massive and he would be like meet me at 7pm sharp but wouldnt even show up till 745 so its like games that you play trying to meet up so i wanna meet a new guy with some high quality budz and that is reliable and isnt gonna play games but also isnt gonna charge me a fortune

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