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Please Please Help!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hutch316, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Ok guys I feel like an idiot asking this but here it goes. About 4 months ago I hit joint like 5 times and was feeling pretty good. Anyways since then I have lost about 25 pounds and excersise 3 to 4 times a week. I have a hair test in 2 days. Will I be Ok. i have not smoked in 4 months. Previous to that I did it once about a year before that. Do I need to Worry at all? I weigh about 235 and have short hair.
  2. Sorry bro, you are donzo. Hair tests can go back 8 - 12 months. Maybe it wont show up because it was such a small trace amount you ingested but still I wouldnt count you out yet.
  3. Any Suggestions? Would doing the vinegar, clean and clear, and tide thing help?
  4. How short? Human hair grows half an inch per month, so if you last smoked 4 months ago than any hair longer than 2 inches on your head could possibly be contaminated. Cut your hair a little shorter than that if you have to, but remember that they won't take hair from your head unless it's longer than 1.5 inches. If they take hair from somewhere else it could be a different story. So 1.5-2 inches is the sweet spot.

    But, even if they do get a contaminated sample, one time use probably won't make you fail; the THC metabolites would be too dilute for the test's tolerance. I wouldn't sweat it man.
  5. Just measured my hair and it is about 2 1/2 inches or so. Maybe I should get it cut just a little bit just to be sure.
  6. There is only 1 solution.

    Shave every single hair off your body.

    Head, eye brows, ass cheeks, arm pits, legs EVERYTHING.

    If they ask just say you want to shave seconds off your swimming times.
  7. Haha ....Just call me Michael Phelps. I just cant see how hitting a joint 4 months ago could screw me over.
  8. It probably won't. But better safe than sorry. What is the hair test for if you don't mind me asking?

    Or you could just take a Nair bath like this man said.
  9. It is for a Job. I am pretty sure it is a Hair Test. They didnt tell me they are doing a drug test but I am sure they are. I know a few people that have gotten hired here and they did a hair test. The one girl smokes all the time. Of course she failed it.
  10. It's a hair FOLLICLE test. You can shave all you want, you still have follicles.
  11. So you are saying I am fucked. I mean I only hit the joint like 4 or 5 times. I checked also and it has been about 5 months since i did it.
  12. Not much else I can think of to help you other than what these guys have said. Best of luck mate. :smoke:
  13. folicle tests are insane. best of luck to you
  14. What color is your hair? Light hair will give you a better chance of passing
  15. Wear a wig.

    But seriously, that's a tough one.

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