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  1. My plant has slowly been getting worse and I do not know what to do it has almost stopped growing! Is this issue reversible, and how do I fix it?

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  2. Think you got super high levels of nitrogen in that plant dude. You been fertilizing or what? How wet is the medium (Soil) at the moment? If it's dry, take it to the bath tub, and run that mother trucker under that faucet until the run off is as clean as the water exiting the tap. (be sure to monitor the run off - so if a sink would be easier to plug the drain and then release the water intermittently, use that. Just don't let it sit in the run off cause you'll never figure out when it is clear and you don't want it taking up any more of what's in that soil)

    Let it completely dry out (soil moisture meter level 3 - all the way to the bottom of the pot) before you have to think about watering it again. Aerate the soil if wet. (meter level 8+)
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  3. Research Russet and Broad mites.
  4. use this chart

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  5. What makes you think there is too much, doesn’t it start in the lower leaves?
  6. What do you think could be the cause. Last 2 days have been over 100 degrees. What should I do first to fix. Thank you 20190611_191321.jpg

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