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    This is the only real large girl I have left. She has lots of bud sites but the Pistal's are all still very small. This is my first year, & this was bag seed :(. Do you think I'll get any yield?:confused:

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  2. Looks just like my N.Y. Sour Diesel.....

    Definitely a late season Sativa. That girl will give you a huge yield if you can keep her going until Mid-November. My favority herb is late season outdoor sativa. Great "head" high. The kinda of weed that motivates you....take a few tokes and start working on a project and next thing you know its like 1 in the mornin....
  3. If the pistils are still very small as you say, there's a good chance she's still not quite in full flower. You say there are lots of budsites, so there is every reason to believe she'll give you a good bit of smoke. Remember, some sativas don't truly finish until mid November.
  4. Thanks Guys! Appreciate it...
  5. Your plant looks nice and tall and bushy too! So yes a sativa (=more cerebral high usually although you can get some with super strong highs). Maybe you can tie the branches down so they're more exposed to the sun (open the plant up in a fan). Looking great!
  6. If you haven't done it already you should consider adding ferts. They will make things even better than they are already!

    Personally I like and use Fox Farm Tiger Bloom for finishing.
  7. Ok,I'll tie her biggest branches @ 90 deg. Thats good news that she looks more Sativa to you guys. Cause I've been getting buds that are probably "Purple Kush"? You can see dark patches of purple in the bud. I'm not a "Hard Core" smoker,so its a little much for me. I'm not complaining though,it just would be nice to have something that doesn't comatose me after a couple hits.
    PS- I have a 4ft male about 2 miles away, from the same bag seed. And it's flowers seem bigger? Do the "brothers" get a little ahead of their "sisters".
    Thanks again for the positive words....
  8. After that last post I decided to take a pic of the brother. Seems farther along, oh well. But check out the grass hoppers! At first I thoght there was some wierd bug on my plant. Then at closer look,I realized they waz getting Busy!:rolleyes:

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  9. Whoops wrong pic.... hear they are!

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  10. Yes they do, average two weeks ahead from what I have learned so they are ready when the Lady's are.
    Question: Why are you keeping the male?

    Just in case you don't want seeds...pollen WILL find it's way to your female, often even from 2 Miles away so be prepared.
  11. Well, I wanted to pollinate just a couple of Buds for seeds next year...Bad idea? ?
  12. yeah....very bad idea. The pollen will pollinate ALL the female plants. Best bet is to kill it right now.

  13. There IS a way to do it:

    As long as the pollen cannot and does not find its way to the female plant by itself (keep in mind besides through the air that can happen through clothing and/or touching as well) you can collect pollen in a large enough bag, transfer that bag to the female plant and put it over the buds you want pollinated (and then shake it around). Preferably those buds would be the ones on the lower part of the plant. Pollen is being killed by water so with the above described method you would have to spray the part of the plant you do not want pollinated with a mister (one of those hand sprayers) while protecting the already pollinated buds with another (new) bag. Works very well if done right.

  14. Hey! Maybe you should wait until the grasshoppers are finished. Hahaha. :p

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