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  1. Ok so i have a small room in my attic that will be stealth and i was wondering if any had any ideas or suggestions. any thing is more then welcome, this is my first grow and i want to make sure i do it right , my dimensions are...................... ps i also have pics:hello:................

    Width-64 in....(5'4 ft)
    Length-90 in....(7'6 ft)
    Height - around 10 ft at highest point (slanted roof) and 6ft at the lowest

    Any ideas would be more than appreciated...........:D



  2. Get a 1000w, intake fan(booster fan), climate controller, exhaust fan and charcoal filter, fan for inside the room. poly the walls, built a 3 tier system .

    just a thought.
  3. what do you mean by tier 3 system?
  4. How warm does it get in the summer where you live? Attics generally get very hot - you'll prolly need to run an AC to keep the temps in check.

    Is this space going to be flower only split for veg / flower for a continuous type setup?
  5. The room you described isn't that small, and if you split it in half to have a veg/flower could easily pull 1lb+/month out of there....although, that setup would cost a some dough...there are endless possibilites of what you could do with that space. also as onewhowonders said...most likely you gonna need an ac, unless you live really far north...but still depending on how much sun shine you get, still might need one.

    at the very least you'll need:
    1.) a light obviously...(recomended 600-1000w HID) with air coolable reflector
    2.) some flexible duct (unless you opt for cfl/t5 lighing)
    3.) regular fans
    4.) 2 ventilation fans (a quality one like a can-fan HIGHLY reccomended)
    5.) A/c (most likely)
    6.) mylar, poly, or white paint
    7.) obvious $hit like flower pots and soil or hydro system, nutes., ph up/down

    That is the bare minimum, and you can double everything on list except for the AC if you decide to do the veg/flower rooms seperate. Mr.Tangent suggested a climate controller which is a large expense (it will cost more than your lights and is not neccesary, unless your going allout) also, with you growing in an attic, a charcol filter may or may not be necceasary...wait until the grow gets going, and if your whole house or your front yard smells like pot, then get one, otherwise save your money. Good luck
  6. thanx alot u guys......especially balla......ur plan sounds pretty good. Diidnt realize the possibilities with this room. Im gonna start planning little by little. will post to update status. :smoking:

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