Please identify these mushrooms

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  1. if you eat those, I'm pretty sure you'll die.
  2. dont eat em man
  3. Go to the public library and check out "Mushrooms Demystified". It is the best book on the subject that I've found. - Granny :wave:
  4. just buy some shrooms from a friend

    NEVER pic them off the ground

    unless you're a mycologist

    or at least you know what you're looking for
  5. will do, thanks!

    awesome! maybe ill buy it

    yea, well when i was a kid i useto go to the woods with my dad to pick mushrooms (edible ones, not psychedelic) so i have a pretty good idea what mushrooms are poisonous. i can tell for sure that these are not poisonous and if i eat them (which i am not going to) the worst thing will happen is i will get diarrhea . but what i was wondering about is if they are psychedelic.

    thanks for all the info! peace :smoke:
  6. Do you normally go around picking up random mushrooms? You really shouldn't go around doing that.. I only touch mushrooms I buy from the grocery store or the guy I've bought mushrooms from since the first time I bought them. It would be cool if you could go around doing that though... Be like Mario triple in size and shit. That'd be awesome.
  7. you have much more luck at the

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