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  1. One of my plants has been showing some issues, ive been searching all over to find out what the problem is but, cant find anything that looks similar.. Heres some pics, ive been using fox farm and following their feeding schedule, and super thrive 1 bottle cap/gal.

    To me it looks like mg deficiency? But I dont want to missdiagnose and make things worse.. PLEASE HALP¡

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  2. Heres a close up of one of the leaves

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  3. Also is that normal growth for 1month old plants?
  4. Temps?

    They look hot.
  5. Im using cfls inside a closet, have a box fan set for 1hr on 1 off, max temp they have ever had its about 79~ but most of the time they sit at around 75
  6. So I flushed today and fed with tiger bloom and big bloom, also moved the clfs up to about 10in from the tops. Turned box fan sideways aiming towards the door which I keep closed 80% of the time of the light cycle, hopefully it will help some... Still looking for some input plz
  7. 10 in. too far away, good idea aiming the fan toward the door, 75 might be too cold keep a good even of 80 if possible, 79* F is the best
  8. Thanks, I will set the fan to not turn on for longer periods, and shorter times to try and regulate the temps.
  9. That would be great and it should turn into an excellent plant, good luck
  10. To me it looks over fertilized. Fox farm can burn your plants, make sure you're not following the little schedule in the book. Whoever wrote it was retarded and it will kill your plants. Also, one of those pics looks overwatered. How often are you watering? I've grown with cfls for a few years, others are right when they say to move them closer, I'd say 4 inches should be fine.
  11. Ive been watering once per week since I transplanted, and the symphtoms started showing before I started feeding. :/
  12. So I managed to get pretty close to 79 degrees. Im sitting at 80 right now... Bad news, new leafs are just starting to show the same symphtoms, tips curling down...
    Old leaves didnt get any better...
    Anyone else got any other suggestions?

    Pleaseee heelppp
  13. Please, I think they are dying :(
  14. Looking better but problem still there. Also 2nd picture shows early male signs?.. Sad cus its my biggest plant :(

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    Looks 100% female to me. It does look like nute burn to me though
  16. What's the ph of your water. some nutrients can drastically change the ph so you might need a tester ph up and ph down. For soul you want you ph lowest 6 highest 7. 6.5 is the best you want. It let's the plant suck up nutrients efficiently
  17. yo flesh

    the weed is a remarkably sturdy plant. If your going to use a chemical feed go easy. once every 2 weeks max. your in soil, try watering from bottom ie; put your buckets in a pan and fill pan rather than pouring on to the top of the bucket, you want to keep your soil from packing. With your lighting type you should get the lights as close as you can without burning. I use led lighting these days, an expensive purchase but my fans just have to circulate fresh air not reduce heat. I agree with the other posts in keeping temp at around 80 degrees but that's not your problem by the looks of it. Lay off the chemicals for now, see if your soil allows drainage (very important). do you have enough light? I use 15 1100watt bulbs in a 850 sq.ft. space.
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    Tips are burned and leaves look like their curling. Educated guess, nutrient burn. I've done it to my a few times too many...

    Do not follow Fox Farms schedule. Nutrient companies want you to use more nutrients because then they can sell more. Start at 1/2 the recommended concentration...
    One cap full is too much. Use the cap to drip 3-4 drops into a gallon and see where that gets you.

    You may lose some leaves, but Maggo is right. Cannabis is a strong plant and can recover with a little love and the right care.

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