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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by killer12, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. hey guys iam new too this site and would reallly like to start growing outdoors, i live in maple ridge B.C.....there is a great wooded area by my house with a local river too....nice area, i would like too know when, how, and just all the details i need to get much will seeds cost ect. how long do they take too get the idea, thankyou!!
  2. read Grower sticky guide in these forum.... after u read it, read it aging, and if u still comfuse on some parts, we will glady help u out mate...latezzzz...
  3. still just a little uncertain as too how too start, is there a ceertain kind of seed i should get? how many? what about prices....when is a good time too start? the weather is already getting very sunny and about 10 degrees out here, should i wait untill spring or summer? thanks
  4. The night time temps should be above 50 degres at the lowest.. If temps drop below that temp, it will set back the growth..

    Seeds: you can grow most any of the strains outside.. As long as it is warm and getting pleanty of light and water.. You will not be able to control the growth and flowering, but you will still get buds in the end!
  5. sounds good, iam on abit of a budget so how much will seeds cost me? anyone wanna donate :D thanks alot guys.
  6. Do you not get seeds when you buy a bag of weed?

    For starters, that would be the cheapest way to go..
  7. i never thought about it that way, with i woulda saved them up or somthing lol.
  8. how should i start the seeds? wet paper towel?....sorry about all the questions i want things too go right.
  9. You can use a damp paper towel or just plant them in loose soil but not to deep.. 1" is about as deep as you want to go in soil.. Keep it damp till the seed sprouts above the ground..
  10. thanks alot, il try and pick up some seeds asap.
  11. aw man, i just talked with the fellow i buy my grass off of and he said he cant sell me seeds>>??????? well why in the hell not!! does anybody donate on here? i would be happy too send out some of the finished product if nessesary :D ....anyways thanks alot for the info.....guess il havto figure somthing out.

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