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  1. Two weeks in Bud and my plants are looking terrible.. I'm going to post pictures of the leaves any suggestions would be great thanks in advance.. so I ph my water at 6.5 going in runoff water pH at 7.1 it is a controlled environment 75 degrees humidity 55%

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  2. lower the ph until the run off is 6.5
    what is the feed schedule and lighting? Are there any light leaks?
  3. They are fed remos neuts every third day they are in 10 gal pots and I'm going to double check for light leaks tomorrow. Thanks I wondered if I should adjust the pH but it's not that far off is it?
  4. In growing....."not that far off" can make ALLL the difference
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  5. Yep.
  6. Thanks for the chart. I'm going to drop my pH to 6 and see what happens with the runoff.. I don't see any light leaking in. It does kinda look like nitrogen tox but I don't think it is . I always follow the instructions when feeding. I'm wondering if it is a virus or bacteria prob??
  7. Again, thank you all for taking the time to respond. This has got me absolutely baffled

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