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  1. Hey! Can u help me? im stumped on this little girl. Shes getting worse and worse.. im just giving her RO water and i have another beside it, doing just fine! Not sure what could be happening but need help quick!

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  2. Possibly light burn? How close are your lights?
  3. They are 6 to 8 inches.. this led does nit get hot at all.. and have used the light before and has never caused any issues? My plan of action currently is to repot and trim dead leaves. Not sure whats happening!
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  4. It looks to me like there are multiple deficiencies taking place. I made that determination by the blackish undertone of the leaves that I can see.

    How long has the cup been that moist? Is it always that moist? ? How many holes are on the bottom of the cup? Are you using nutrients at this time?

    I think that based on what I can see, the plant most likely has been over watered, leading to root decay, which is showing up as blackish, dry leaves.
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  5. Look up how to use hydrogen peroxide to clean the roots. I've heard of this practice but never used it so some research in the matter may benefit your grow.
  6. I'd get it outta that cup and in some new soil. If the roots are mush you can always recut and reclone it. Would take a couple weeks but would save it

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  7. Thanks guys. I havent been using any nuts yet.. just RO. Just weird cuz she took a turn this week outta nowhere i will def repot today
  8. Update.. shes looking great again :)

    Solo cups can be a real pain.. i had 6 1/4 inch holes in the bottem.. yet water was still sitting in the edges, where the roots tend to wrap around. Next time ill be sure to cut triangular holes on the bottem edges as well. Root rot was the issue but now shes thriving! Thanks guys
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