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  1. Northern Lights autoflower. Fox farm ocean forest. 150 watt HPS. The plant seemed fine then all of a sudden started looking like this. Pretty sure I haven't overwatered. I did use a tiny tiny bit of fox farm "Big Bloom" and "Tiger Bloom" but only a 1/4 teaspoon of each in a quart of water. What am I doing wrong.

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  2. Looks like a hard nute burn. You put way to much for a quart I'm already hot soil. Burnt tips, nitro claw it's all there.

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  3. Looks like to much nitrogen

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  4. And I'm not sure about fox farm nutrients but they usually do by the gallon. So only using a quart of water and 1/4 nutrients is still pretty much full power nutes.

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  5. Thank you. I was scared it was nitrogen burn but I used such a little bit it looked like nothing. Must be some strong stuff! Hope it grows out of it. Thanks again folks
  6. Yeah dude its very concentrated stuff that's why a quart lasts so long

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    Is this only happening on your oldest fan leaves?
    Maybe this will help you.. I say its going to need a soil flush for nutrient toxicity
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  8. I don't know what fan leaves are. First serious attempt at growing. I do think it's strange that some branches seem fine and some are burnt.
  9. How old is the plant from the day it broke soil.. Maybe it's just using up its nutes due to age and time in flowering..say you have a 60 day plant and your on day 50 it would be normal because in allegedly 60 days your plant would be done

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  10. Fan leaves are the BIG leaves on your plant..generally the oldest

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  11. It's been 53 days since it sprouted. Accorring to the place I bought the seed from it should be done in 8 to 10 weeks and to harvest when the hairs are amber colored. Most of the hairs are still white.
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    What size pot are you in.. If your in a 3 to 5 gallon pot then your soil should have plenty of nutrients and you shouls be giving it ph water only by now .. I would expect to see your oldest leaves dying off. I would do a light flush and keep watering it as the pot dries out.

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