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  1. Hello all I'm new here and need sum advice, what is going on is ive moves and outdoor plant from a garden to a new indoor dwc bucket system , what I had done was dug it up , placed roots in a grocery bag, took it home and washed the roots off of all the dirt I could as carefully as I could , then placed it in the dwc basket with coco coir , well its been about a week and a half , and the plant is in shock but dosent seem to bad , not really limp or anything , but starting from the bottom now moving up to the top , the leaves are yellowing with green veins , no new roots seem to be growing , im new to hydro and am wondering what's happening and what I need to do to help plant live , it's about 1 month old and a foot and a half tall , ill add pics if I can , im using floranova atva rate of 1 tsp gallon , sum cal mag, Aussie tonic and fish emulation , thanks all

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