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  1. My plant is currently at 5 weeks. The starting of the 4th week the tips started to brown or yellow. Now it's spreading to the full leaves. This is my very first time growing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Nutrition burn. Water only two weeks. Cut tips of burned leaves

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  3. Have you been giving it nutes?

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  4. Just promix organic soil. Says it has fert in it.
  5. Hmm well if it's getting worse fast I'd say give it a good flush. 2-3 times volume of your container. And ph it or at least the last half. If it seems like it's not getting worse you could maybe just use water only for a bit like previously mentioned

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  6. I'm far from an expert but maybe mag deficiency? Or maybe potassium?

    Or, like others have said definitely could be nute burn. Less likely considering you haven't fed them anything.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.

    Edit: maybe these will help:
  7. I'm def no expert either haha just my best educated guess. Pics without blurple would help a lot. When I had mag deficiency, the leaves didn't start to die like that, but hey what do I know.

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