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  1. I supposivly have this male, sour grape strain that i grew from seed. It sprouted into two stalks and is growing just fine. Although, the leaves and bulbs of the plant have me concerned that im not actually growing a male cannabis plant at all! Not really sure what elce the plant could be since it sprouted from seed in a cup, could something elce have possible gotten into the cup? 1502921622772967368035.jpg

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  2. Well you certainly won't be arrested for growing pot..........nor will you be high.
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  3. Is this a joke?
  4. Youre no help, but thanks for taking the time to comment. Looking for someone with actual knowledge and facts on the matter, someone who could correctly identify the plant for me.
  5. The plant is a native weed. Not sure the name but very common. I don't even see a cannabis plant...... I was thinking a native week outgrew it, but nope, no cannabis at all.
  6. Thank you for your help. Bought the seeds from Crop King Seeds, regular 50/50 mixed bag. Must have been something in the soil that overtook

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