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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by PatchAttack, Apr 11, 2016.

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    OK plants are at about day 45 from seed. 5 plants in a 48x48x80 grow tent with ipower 1000watt cool hood and using MY bulb for veg and HPS when I flip to flowering. My Temps range from 72-80f RH 40-50%
    I water every 2-3days when soil feels dry to first knuckle or so. No nutrients yet. Used indoor hyponex soil. PH level I get different readings alot. Usually between 6-7. Waiting for my digital meter today to be more accurate with ph. Everything was going fine until a week or so ago and now plants are starting to look very sickly.

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  2. I think you answered your own question when you said "No nutrients yet" and "Day 45".
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  3. I have read alot of information on using nuts and not. My grow was going great so I thought I was OK. Obviously not tho. I'm going to repot my plants and see what happens. Or should I start a regimen of nuts and then see?

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  4. I agree with GreenSheep. Your plants did fine and then they depleted the soil and now the soil is running out of nutrients. Transplanting fixing a lot in a soil grow. Remember though transplanting will only reset the clock. You will need to start feeding at some point no matter what.
  5. Does Hyponex soil contain any nutes?

    What the GreenSheep said.

    Good luck!

  6. Yeah it does actually. Here's a pic. And I agree it'll only reset my clock but I think my plants could use a fresh start. What do u guys think? Try giving it nutes for a week or so or just transplant then pay better attention to them?

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  7. That yellow plant needs some nitrogen, however if you repot and the soil, Scott's soil is questionable lol, still doesn't have enough your going to need to figure out a nutrient schedule that doesn't cause burning or lock out since the soil already has stuff in it, and you want different nutrient ratios in veg vs flower

    I'd repot that into a more inert soil and feed(not at the moment you repot, to avoid stress) to avoid those issues, and next time look into a better soil or just inert soil you feed yourself.

    Just beware, again, on feeding since you don't know what's left in the current soil and lock out wastes the nutes and won't help the plant
  8. Thank you for your reply. What do you mean by inert soil? So the consensus seems to be repot. What soil should I use to repot? I don't have access to many options unfortunately. Only home Depot Walmart Lowe's. Can I make this work OK with this soil I have or get new stuff? Sorry for the questions. I've been reading and reading about all this for the last cpl months almost daily. So much conflicting info out there. I'm relatively intelligent and it confuses the hell out of me. Lol. Thanks again

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  9. By inert I mean no nutrients added to the soil that you didn't add yourself. I personally use pro mix hp(high porosity) which I believe Lowe's carries, and I add a little vermiculite because my environment causes it to dry too quickly

    Then I feed it the age old nutrient lines for veg and flower along with molasses, and I add kelp meal. My plants are doing wonderful

    Only issue is I've only seen the pro mix in 2.2 cubic foot packaging compressed which is more like 4 when it is loose. Quite a bit to work with
  10. OK great thank you very much! I just got my pH meter probe in today to check my soil pH and moisture and such. I've been checking runoff with the GH pH up and pH down liquid tester. Now that I used my probe it's showing my pH level on my 3 plants that look sick are at 4.5-5.0 and the 2 in the back that look good check out at 6.5
    How do I go about correcting this? Flush? Transplant? Think this is the reason behind my plants looking this way? Don't understand why 3 out of 5 plants are different than my other 2... all potted in same stuff and taken care of the same way....

  11. 1460399199980.jpg 1460399202858.jpg
    Here are the nutes I have. Will these work ok?

  12. I cant rep. Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil enough. Easily get 30+ days in veg without nutrients. I can get the big bag of it for $20 at my hardware store.

    edit: I also use the Fox Farm complete fertilizer set. I'm having some minor cal/mag issues 6 weeks into flowering with it but really gets the job done. Also be mindful of foliage sprays under direct light it can burn your plants too.
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  13. Thanks green shop! I'm going to transplant my 3 sick babies into ffof and let them veg for another week or two then flip into flowering. I have cal/mag and ff trio nutes. I'm just in the situation where I have 2 plants HUGE and ready to flower. Here's a pic of one. Are these pre flowers? 1460482781944.jpg 1460482786096.jpg 1460482799220.jpg 1460482809988.jpg 1460482820095.jpg 1460482831219.jpg 1460482837040.jpg

  14. yeah this issue began a while ago and now has fully manifested itself.

    Production will be greatly reduced. I would transplant ASAP, fertilize with complete veg. fert. this week, Then flip to flower next if you want and hope you can get enough nitrogen into those plants so you'll have a plant to flower on. lol.
  15. They were fine less than a week ago. Idk what happened but woke up 5or 6days ago and they were like this. Completely fine and lush green before 5 or 6 days ago...

  16. Should I do a flush first before I transplant?

  17. there's nothing to flush if you never fertilized.
  18. Wouldn't flushing possibly fix my pH levels??
  19. in theory it will wash away soluble salts built up in the soil. But your plant has nutrient issues, yes changing pH levels will allow plants to uptake more of a certain nutrients. The process of flushing is useful when you have deficiency issues while regularly using fertilizer. I can't see it helping your plants since there is minimal build-up from not fertilizing.

    Side note this issue took 45 days to manifesto itself it will take more then a few days to fix it. Just fertilize, none of these advanced growing techniques until you have the basics. Depriving a plant of nutrients to save a few bucks obviously wasn't working.

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