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  1. Do these seedlings look okay to transplant? If so, would you recommend it? I've learned that choosing MG soil was a mistake... This soil is so compacted... It's bone dry on the top, but sort of moist on the bottom and I JUST watered them the other day I want to say. My plants are growing VERY slowly. What you see below is after a week. I feel like they should be at their third set of leaves by now. Another thing is I don't really like these jiffy cups either. If I did transplant, they'd go into clear solo cups so I can see the roots when they max out their space. The soil I'm going to use is a mix of top soil, perlite, and compost. Not this pre-loaded nutrient crap that's going to end up burning my plants. My concern is wether or not they are too young to transplant. I know that plants will go into shock when you transplant, I just want to know, based on my images below, will my babies survive it? Would you recommend it given the circumstances? Lastly, do you guys have any other recommendations to add based on the info I've given?

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  2. well first off id invest in better lighting maybe even more cfl's your plants are stretching for better light! as far as transplanting its a bad idea to use clear cups as light will ruin roots.
  3. I would wait to transplant at least 3 sets of leafs

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  4. I keep seeing these peat cups popping up everywhere and keep telling people to get rid of them

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  5. if you use clear cups, also get yourself some regular cups and put the clear cups inside so the roots are not exposed, also better lighting like said above, they dont look that bad, maybe a little behind ut not bad.

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