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  1. Okay so Im kinda new to water pipes and what not.. but ive been looking at a weed star double bubbler 3.0! What do you guys think of it? is it worth the money or should i get something better... my budget is 100! Please tell me the pros and cons of it and/or if should get something better for that price! Also ive heard shipping to the states is pretty bad... how long estimated should it take? 
    Please help!
    Thanks guys

  2. bump! come on guys please help???
  3. are you being serious?   if you're in the states just get something made in the USA, chances are it'll be better anyway.  that weed star crap looks cheap
  4. what do you suggest i get and from where?
  5. For 100$ get yourself a travel tube/beaker from SSFG and upgrade to a disk diffused slide and showerhead downstem. (google ssfgglass)
  6. the travel beaker they have is out of stock :(
  7. look through grass citys shop.
    or aqualabs, brothers with glass, 42 degrees
    shoot has cheap china glass. what about your local head shop?
    i would buy from my local head shop but im only 16 unfortunately... whats the website for 42 degrees?

  9. Well, hope you enjoyed your stay in the city
    so is the weed star bub not worth it?

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