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  1. good evening gc!

    please i need your help.
    i broke the stem of my baby in half like :(
    put some tape and got it back in shape as much as i could
    what comes now? will it survive?
    please help..
  2. Just got to wait and see now, have faith they are pretty tough!!
  3. thanks for your reply. crossed fingers.
    i am using a 125w giant dual spectrum bulb.
    will i be able to finish a 2 plant garden successful?
    best regards!
  4. No problem bud, glad to help. Yea you will but not goin to be much smoke. Hps lighting for flowering in my opinion
  5. i am considering this option for my next grow.
    thanks again for your advice
  6. today it looks much better than yesterday..
    she got back on shape a lot!
    since its an auto, i would like to ask if i will
    encounter later any problems with the stress caused?

    Best regards!
  7. Not got a great deal of exp with autos do maybe someone else can help but from my understanding they finish in a set time some of that time has now been spent on repair so I would think yes it will have an effect, how much I'm unsure.
  8. Hi there.. It can only have a negative effect when you snap a stem.. However if it looks to be pulling through and it happened at such an early stage you may get away with it.. Autos spend the best part of the first 2 or so weeks developing there root system an after that is when growth explodes.. I wish your little girl well an hope she makes it
  9. hope it pulls through mate. I use 125w cfls too, pulling off 2oz per bulb is easily done
  10. thank you guys so much for sharing your knowledge!

    jetski, do you use any training techniques like lst?

    Baby after the first day from the surgery needed extra water. after watering her for 2 days in a row she looks much happier! hopefully she wont get droopy again and will go back to normal watering.

    Best regards!
  11. most of the time I utilise the SOG method. but have done ScrOG many times too
    ScrOGing gives great results but needs attention every day, sometimes twice a day. SOG is less work.
    when growing SOG I often LST the tall ones to keep the canopy the same height

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