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Please Help - Worried About My Babies

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by orange52, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. Can you please take a look at the following pictures and tell me what is wrong with the leaves, on a few of them they seem to be yellowing (drying at the end) I water them every other day and also spray the leaves with water every other day. Also the last few pictures are of my plants they are coming up 7 Weeks old and are about 1.5' tall is this okay when would I expect to bring on flowering?

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  6. Im not sure what the problem is really.How much fert do u use.And maybe u should water every 2 days instead of every otherday.I water mine evry two days or as needed and there doin fine.Il have pics up tomorow of it.Good luck
  7. Your overfertalizing, be careful cuz you can kill your plants in less than 24 hours. You should flush your grow medium and cut your fertalizer usage in half. Just remember with fertalizer less is more. PS buy a book IE: Indoor Marijuana Horticulter by Jorge Cervantes, book has over 200 color photos with multiple diseases and difficiencies.
  8. when you spray the leaves are you leaving your lights on after. The moisture and the lights may be causing the burning. Kinda like swimming and the sun. Are you spraying them with just water. Try B1 solution very light.

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