Please help with HPS security wiring!!!!

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  1. Ok well I'm a newbie.....anyway last night I bought a 50 watt HPS security light and tried to wire it to a 3 prong extension cord without success......I tried following the online guides but my light seems a little different

    Anyway here's what a tried

    The security light socket has one black and one white wire that run to this computer chip looking thing and then one black and one white run from it to the back of the security light

    Theres also a light senor that runs to the chips with 2 black wires, I disconnected this

    Anyway I cut the female end of an extension cord off and tried hooking black to black and white to white.....i plugged it in and nothing

    Then I had to the same way but the had the green from the extension cord tuching the whites that were hooked together....I plugged it in and blew a fuse in my room

    Then I noticed there was a metal clamp with a green wire that was included with the light....I mounted it on the back and hooked it to green from the extension cord......I now had white to white, green to green, and black to black....nothing happened

    What am I missing I doing something wrong....or did I ruin the light when I blew the fuse?


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  2. if im not mistaken.your gonna need to connect the 2 black wires from that sensor you removed together. the sensor when it sees light holds the connection open dusk time the sensor closes the connection turning on the light.without the sensor on there and the wires left disconnected it will not turn on cause the sensor chip thinks its daylight.
    id bet if you just connect those 2 sensor wires (the black ones) itll turn on.

    good luck!
  3. Actually I tried that and had no luck....any more sugesstions???

  4. could be a faulty light.or you possibly blew it when hooking it up wrong.

    some more detailed pictures would be nice.

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