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  1. hey guys i live in wisconsin and i plan on making a grow box. i want a small one so i can start the plants for about 3-4 weeks then put them out side... whats the best way to do it and what would be the best lights, and ect... ill be using probally all bag seed... please help i need to start this soon
  2. lol check my link and easy. sounds like what you need since you only need it for a few weeks before you transfer them outside
  3. thanks man. i will
  4. nice man i checked it out. im going to make something very similar. i wanna start them in cups and i want about 5 plants. any suggestions to what lights i should buy? thanks
  5. I'm assuming the transfer outside means your not going to veg them indoors (or at least not very long), therefore I reccomend you buy CFL lighting, as it's cheap and effective. Theres a guide floating around about it from Kamel I believe, but to get you started, I would suggest you simply buy a 100 actual CFL watt bulb (6500k Spectrum). Don't make the box to big and coat it with nothing but mylar (yes there are other effective methods and if you are on a budget i understand, but this is the best) You'll be able to grow five seedlings to about 4-6" tall with adequete room and ventilation. HTH -keepgrowing- gdaddy
  6. well money wont be an issue i can have good cash and ya. but this is my first grow so im just going to make a little grow box them let them go for about 3-4 weeks. but clfs and milar you think then?. and whats it mean to veg the plant im new! ps.. what size should i make the box?
  7. Germination: Time seed goes from whole, dry, and nonactivated; to producing a taproot 4cm-inches long. Seedling/Sprout: Time germinated seed takes to sprout from soil to producing (and this is arguable) it's first set of "3 lpoint" fan leaves or 1st-3rd set of "5 point fan leaves" Vegetation: time it takes for the plant to grow from it's first set of fan leaves till it goes into it's 12/12 time cycle and starts producing "flowers"/buds and also to show sex.
  8. The box for my seedling chamber, is actually just the "shell"/frame that supported a drawer in my desk. It's 1' wide, 1 1/2' tall, 1 1/2' deep. I just put a seedling tray in it, or up to twelve red solo cups; I have the walls completely covered in mylar and I makeshifted a door from carved foam (which is also where I cut out the vent holes, so no dmg to the desk!) I vented it with a 80mm computer fan blowing OUT, and have 1 100actual CFL 6500k spectrum bulb in there and I can grow up to twelve plants about 4 inches to 6 inches tall before transplant, and never had a problem. Just dont make the box TOO big just big enough and make sure you get mylar since were only using one 100watt bulb, we don't' want any escaping light, or you'll have to add more, which is obviously inadvisable in such a small place! The plants won't survive being in there more than 8inches tall because by then the fan leaves will be larger and absorbing more light, therefore there won't be enough light from a single bulb to "share". -GPD
  9. wow thanks man i think im going to make this very soon give me a few days. ill post it and where can i purchace that light home depot? and whats the price ussally run thanks so much
  10. Obviously I'm not fimiliar with every homedepot/lowes in each zone of america, but it's been in my experience that neither of these stores carry higher than a 42 watt (There actually is one 65 actual watt bulb unsure of what spectrum, sitting on the shelf at HD for 19.99) so for 100 watts your best bet is offline somewhere. place to start.
  11. the box is made. all i need is now light and milar. aproximatally how far aaway should the light be away from the plants in this process
  12. will post pics when i get milar
  13. thanks so much man

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