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  1. Ok so my plants are in week 2 of their vegg and I want to start feeding them nutes. I have fox farm big bloom and grow big, they say to use 2 tsp per gallon but I want to start at 1/2 dosage. The problem is my babies are in 7oz (240ml) so how much would I have to feed each plant?
  2. I would mix 1/2 gallon w/ 1/2 tsp (that would be a half dosage at half quantity), that way you won't waste it. Then water the babies like normal. Water until you see some runoff then stop.
  3. just make enough solution to water your plants. Try 1/4 recipe first. Its better to not have enough nutes than to have too much.

    if this is soil there should be plenty nutes for the plant to live off for most of its life. We just try to super size it by giving the max, but most of the time people over nute. killing it with love.
  4. Yea but half gallon is too much water for a 7oz container...I usually water about 3-4 oz
  5. dont pour the whole thing into it, thats what the above post said, so you dont waste it. you have to mix a gallon to get the right strength. that or do a quart and a 1/4 tsp. simple math man.
  6. Gotcha, sorry guys I'm at work and I need to feed today right after work so I'm kind of rushin plus my boss is right behind me
  7. i would go 50% dosage onthe grow big..nit...the plants need this first...and 1/4 onthe big bloom.....mix a will keep if you store cool and dark...water till you see a decent amount of run off...make sureyour ph is correct...get water....add to 6.5 soil or 5.8 hydro/coco..relax and have fun bro...good luck...deacon;)tell your boss ta get off your ass:D
  8. haha yea i thank god i had 1 gallon of water sitting out, and my boss doesnt say anything about me being on the iphone but still i could tell he doesnt like it lol

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