please HELP QUICK!! Brown spots during Flower

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  1. 1. Cali orange 44 days into flower 400w hps 12/12, ffof soil, ph 6.4, temp 78 - 79 deg. the upper most cola got burnt when i was testing the 400 (i upgraded midway from a 150). That happened and everything else was fine. Now all of the sudden i'm starting to notice these brown spots on the 2 of the lower cola's . I don't know what's up. I've recently started feeding her FF cha ching at 75% strength. Is this nute burn? Manganese Defic?

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  2. looks like over fert .u can tell by how the leaves curl inward .Flush - must be sensitive to nutes even though u gave it a low dose or nute built up in the soil.- flush-
  3. mike - thank you! do you by chance have any experience with floraKleen? I was going to use it a week before harvest. Should I use it now or just flush with distilled and wait to flush with the florakleen
  4. yes florakeen is a great product. I would suggest flushing with distilled and like u said saving the florakleen for the last week of flowering. florakleen strips almost all nutes from the medium and is a life saver if your babies are on the verge of death from nute burn.the nute burn on the pic dosent look that bad so u should make it through the season with a great havest:)

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