Please help! Possible fungus problem? PICS

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  1. My seedlings are sick and I don't wanna let them die because I need to keep these strains! One is papaya, the other is 818 headband sour og. They are about 2 weeks old, no nutes have been given yet just ph'd water. They were fine up until about 4 days ago, could this be some type of fungus or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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  2. looks like nute burn for the most part man maybe in the soil? and maybe some powdery mildew on some of the leaves. I'd give her a good wash when you wake her up next and maybe rub off some of the mildew. Could be because you're spraying the leaves when the lights are on?
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    What's your soil mix and how often are you watering? Are you applying chem' nutes?

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  4. I am just using a soiless mix I got from Canadian tire for my one soil plant and its void of any nutrients that way I have control over when it gets. I have a mix of 8 nutrients from advanced nutrients to use with my water. I dont oh my water either just run it through a Brita water filter for the potted girl. Pics and info in my blog
  5. If you have a 30X pocket scope inspect the white areas and see if it looks like powdery mildew, hopefully its not. As for the spots whats your PH run off reading and what are you feeding your plants, how often and how strong? Sometimes you can spill water or nute mix on the leaves that can cause burn spots or leave a white residue.
  6. Also watering on every third day or so. So about 72 hours I give my five gallon pot 2 liters of water with 30% strength nutes

  7. You using chemical or organic based nutes and how much run off you getting? 2 liters for a 5 gallon pot doesnt sound like it give much run off. I shoot for about 20% of the water and or nute mix as run off, this helps reduce salts that build up in the soil when using chemical based nutes. I hope the OP of this thread doesnt have PM, once a plant gets it its got it for life.
  8. Ya there isn't any runoff but I've only watered.twice. every fourth watering will just be dechlorinated filtered water untill there is decent runnoff. All chemical based ph perfect sensi grow bloom bud fuel big bud and potassium silicate all at or leas then 30%
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    Why are you replying to posts dircted towards the OP? This isn't about your grow.

  10. How big are your plants? When I`m done with the Sensi Grow nutes I have I`m going to be switching to a different brand. Advanced Nutrients are good nutes but the biggest complaint I`m hearing more and more and agree with is how watered down their nutes are. For part A & B you mix not quite 16 milileters of each to a gallon of water, thats alot compaired to some other major name brands that have been around a while. I`m looking into Dyna Grow. I`ve heard good things about Dyna Grow and there mix ratio for indoor plants is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water, thats a little over 1 to 2 milileters per gallon of water. I also looked into that Big Bud and went with the Fox Farms version instead, with the Big Bud your also paying for alot of water as compaired to the powder form of Beastie Bloomz.

  11. As you all can see, this is the origional post^^^. Or maybe you can't. Replies have been to CAPN'HOWDY'. He is not the OP. Please read the first post again and respond accordingly.

    CAPN' has his own grow thread. If you feel the need to help him with his grow, I suggest visiting him there.

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  12. Sometimes its easy getting sidetracked with other posts when helping someone with a specific problem.
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies! I am using pro mix soil with a little extra perlite added in. Runoff ph is 6.6. I have not given any nutes at all yet, and I water until i see about 10% runoff.. I just checked the leaves with my 60x microscope and there is some white specs on it. what would powdery mildew be caused by? how should i get rid of it?
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    Powdery Mildew PM for short will look like short greyish mold hairs growing on the surface of the leaves starting out in small patches here and there and spread. Once you learn what it looks like from personal experience you dont even need a pocket scope to spot it. Promix I think is a soiless medium like coco and hydro and if thats the case then your PH is a high. I dont use promix, never have but someone else on the forum might and couldnt hurt to do a search on it or start another thread asking. From what i read it was varrying but this one post did kind of stand out to me and may be more accurate but I would still look up more info on it. It reccomends 5.9. If it is a soiless based meium then you want to run your PH like its a hydro set up. Back to PM what sucks about it is that there is no cure for it. Once a plant gets PM its got it for life. It can be managed in veg but in flowering it can grow inside of buds where you cant see it. I lost two sets of mother plants to PM I believe they were infected before I bought them. Maintaining good air exchange, humidity and temps will help prevent a plant from getting infected by the airborn spores. There are also some store bought and home remedies you can spray on your plants to help protect them from being infected or to keep it from spreading. Any leaves that have PM should be removed. Take a good look at your white spots then look up what PM on marijuana plants looks like and compare. PM is a systemic plant disease and what you see on the surface of the leaves are the spores. The spores grow on the leaves to be released into the air to spread and reproduce.

  15. Like mentioned it looks like a white to greyish moldy hairs.

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  16. I just trashed my current grow because of powdery mildew, it's a pain. You want to keep your temps and humidity in check or will come back overnight. From your first picture I can see a white spot that looks like mine did. Your still in veg so I recommend getting a organic fungicide called "green cure" I've read really good reviews on it all over the web. If you really want to insure the PM problem look in to getting a sulfur burner.

  17. Sulphur burners work to but you dont want to use them in flowering. Green Cure and some home remedies work as a preventative in several ways. It works by raising the Ph on the surface of the leaves to a point that the PM spores dont grow on the leaves and any air born spores that land on the leaves doesnt infect the plant. The several store bought products I have looked into including Green Cure claim to be a preventative none claim to cure it. I know a guy who owns a hydro shop and he has a degree in horticulture and he`s the guy I went to when I had PM. He pretty much said the same things I learned from doing some research into PM when I got it. Like you I ended both grows with the mother plants and killed off the clones and started over.
  18. I've heard and have actually had some amazing dank buds with people using sulfur burners in flower. You just want to stop using it 2-3 weeks before harvest from what I've read/researched?
  19. Hey guys I wasn't trying to take over this thread at all. I'd love to help how I can and if you guys wanna shoot the shit on Advanced nutes GH or my grow your grow whatever, hit me on my channel. I was just answering questions I was asked.

    And advanced nutes actually I run at 30% strength and my girls look perfect right now.
  20. Hey guys I really appreciate all the help, but today when trying to calibrate my phone pen, I realized that it won't even calibrate and the electrode is done!! A true beginner's mistake was not storing my pen properly causing it to malifunction early! Well lesson learned I guess! That would probably explain my problem. Would you all agree? Probably low ph lockout I'm thinking. When I first tested the electrode in 7.0 solution my meter read about 8.4.. the phone of my tap water read 8.0 usually, so I added ph down to correct the level..... damn...

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