PLEASE HELP! Plants turning yellow.

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  1. I have been growing from a seedling for about one month and there about 8 inches tall. But now the plants are starting to turn yellow. I have been using this fertilizer called liquid seaweed once every wednesday. I started out using a little desktop flouresent and upgraded about two days ago to 2 100watt CFL's. I thought light may of been the problem. If anyone can give me any tips that would be awesome.
    Thank You.

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  2. looks like they stretched pretty bad at first but slowed down once you got the new lights so you should be good there. From my experience I'd recommend either transplanting them into bigger pots or adding more soil as it looks like you've only got those cups less than half full. Could also be some other problems but definitely repot them either way so you don't have to mess with it in the future.

    hope this helps

  3. Thank You! I will try that today.
  4. they look really skinny, do you have any air blowing on them? and for next time make sure you put more soil in before you put the seed in or cut the cup so the soil is about an inch or less from the top of the cup. This lets more light get to them so they dont have to stretch so far, not to mention air.
  5. do you have air holes in thebottom of the cups? if the roots cant get enough air the symptoms of roots getting a lack of Oxygen are close to nute deficiantcys (yellowing then eventual brown spots)
  6. Also put your light closer to the plants, those babies are stretching too much!
    Looks like you have a nitrogen deficiency though. Get a different NPK fertilizer with a higher N concentrate.
  7. I do have a fan blowing on them and I cut a some holes in the bottom of them but maybe they werent big enough. i went to HD today and bought some more soil and bigger pots Im going to try that and I hope that works.
    Thank You for the tips.
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    About how much do you think I should Have the lights to the plant? Also I water My plant every day pr should I do it every other day?
  9. cfls in general can be pretty close without causing any harm ( < 10 inches?) though I've never had 100 watters so just guess and check until you find the closest spot without harming them.

    Good Luck!
  10. Thank You.

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