Please help plant problems!!!!!! Pictures are posted...

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  1. Hey everyone a little about my set up 600 watt batwing 6 inch hydro farm exhaust fan 4 inch hurricane intake fan 4X4X6.5 grow tent strain purple train wreck clones from hso. One of them is doing fine the other has drooping tired leaves tips are curled and now leaves are sagging it also stopped drinking I don't know what to do I gave it cal may twice it didn't help pics below......
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  2. Already sounds like it's over watered.
  3. 14615032868031742737710.jpg IMAG0071.jpg These are the photos 14615032868031742737710.jpg 14615033342951430409089.jpg IMAG0075.jpg IMAG0071.jpg IMAG0071.jpg
  4. Sorry thought I posted them up earlier but there up now any help is appreciated and thanks for replying at all
  5. Is that a hydro set up or soil?
  6. Hydro
  7. Both are
    Same strain started at same time feed same thing but one is fine the other looks horrific I don't understand
  8. High temps and low oxygen If I were to guess. Add another airline to your bucket and keep res temp level below 75 degrees. The higher the temp the more oxygen it needs. And it messes with the PH. try adding hydrogen peroxide for a bandaid not a fix.
  9. Tha
    thanks I changed my res and added a cap full hope it works and thanks for the input stay green
  10. Since it was only one plant getting the same feeding as the other you might have had your roots too low drowning it. check your roots and make sure no slime. Make some EWC Tea. good luck brother!
  11. THere was some slime I just pulled it off my whole root ball wasn't covered just spots. And what is ewc tea I never heard of that
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  12. Hey frodnedlab Question does this look like cal mag IMAG0089.jpg IMAG0086.jpg IMAG0084.jpg IMAG0089.jpg IMAG0086.jpg IMAG0084.jpg deficiency to you thanks for the help
  13. Cal mag deficiency
  14. Sure does look like it.
  15. Sure does look like it.
  16. Just up the dose. kinda hard to give it too much
  17. Thanks bro appreciate it

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