Please help my plant! (pics)

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  1. I posted several days ago and I was told to just flush my plant and leave it alone, but the plant is still getting steadily worse. Im not sure what it is, im guessing nute burn, but many of the leaves have a yellowish burnt look.. Also the top leaves look wilted and are very purple and their stems have shrivled up. Its under 4 27w cfl's, i recently put tin foil around my box, dont really think this could cause a problem but I have heard that it could cause hot spots. Please someone help! Thanks!
  2. take the tin foil down it can cause some serious hot spots
  3. Alright I took it down, any suggestions on the other problems anyone?
  4. ya just keep flushing when the soils ready..
  5. Sorry, I just realized that I didnt include the pictures, maybe these will help? Thanks for the advice

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  6. What nutes are you using?
  7. I just repotted about a week ago in miracle grow soil that said it had enough nutes for 3 months. and I also bought some miracle grow 8-8-8 and i only fed it once about 6 days ago at half strength
  8. Ya there's realy barly to no need to feed with mirical grow it's powerful shiat..

    good luck though
  9. with MG soils you will get a seriously funky grow, weird leaves, drying leaves, spotted leaves, all types of shit goes on with this 3 month time released stuff, it is possible to grow bud on it, but it does take a toll on the plant and cause issues, like stun growth, that will add a few weeks to flowering and so forth. Just keep it watered properly and not over watered, only water when it is light to pick up the pot and dry down to about 2 inches above surface. It will grow, just really weird.
  10. Yeeep... If you wanna see some pics of mg and foxfarm nute burn go look at my journel the first post has a link to my sick plants thread lol
  11. :hello::hello:run shit loads ov ph water throw the soil and catch the run of wid clean sorcer check the ppm and ph the purple is down to high ph its hard to get ec down in soil just flush til it not high any more keep givin its water at bout 6 ph til it comes bac
  12. Thanks for the help, would it be a good or bad idea to repot into different soil? Also, how do i adjust the ph of the water?
  13. :hello:if u in a little pot put in abiger one wid some nice soil it would help to balance things out a bit ph the feed water wid ph acid up or down depending on whats going on and its worth getin a ph pen for eaze

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