Please Help.. My plant is hurting!!

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  1. Ok so my "northern lights X big bud" was doing well yesterday but I noticed that there was a shit load of ants in the soil. So I decided to spray dish soup on the top soil.. And also it's been triple digit heat here in texas for the past couple of weeks.. But today I go out side and my plant has these fucked up leafs on it. I was doing so good for my first time grow and now this. Sum1 please help, I want this plant to be beautiful again..

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  2. Bizzump!!
  3. could be heat burn but someone else may no for sure
  4. Thanks man... And yea I'm trying to fix it b4 it gets any worst..
  5. I need help GC!
  6. Not really sure what to say. How strong was the soap mix? Did you get any spray from the soap on the leafs?

    Perhaps the ants were feeding on something? How many ants? A colony?

    If it gets any worse you can always flush the plant with about 30 gallon of water. On the 30th gallon feed with VEG ferts.

    If it was doing well until you added soap then thats probably your problem. A good flush will get that out.

    Flush can never hurt anything as long as you feed with veg ferts. I go half dose two times with veg ferts. The feed with normal after that. Make sure your pot dries out good after flush. MJ does not like wet feet.
  7. ^^ THIS. Flush her. Its your best bet.
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    Yea I sprayed the leafs with a soap mix of like a table spoon of dish soap for every cup of water.. And there was ants all over my top soil. They ate all dead now though... But it seems like they are trying to come back..
  9. Yo, no kidding, you're in Texas too? I just started getting serious about the growing, nice to see people from Texas aren't pansies. =/

    Anyhow, if need be, get a professional pesticide control agent to spray around the concrete it's on. Take it inside as soon as he comes knocking to work, no sooner. Bring them back out as he drives off, no later.

    It helped all my other plants. No spiders, no ants.
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    Hell yea man, has this heat been tuff for you?
  11. I think u used way too much dish soap... Donno about bugs but for dishsoap to e effective against powdery mildew , you only use 1 teaspoon per litre of water flush plant and maybe when it's dark foliar spray with just water
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    Yea man, all my other herbs have been drying out about every single morning I go to water them.

    It's been around 108 for a while now. Nearing 104's soon.

    In NW 210 btw.

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