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  1. Hey guys sorry iam a newbie to grasscity so just check my profile for the pics but I need help i have a mother that is going on 4 feet tall and it was doing fine up until about 3 weeks ago the bottom leaves started dying off and alot are turning yellow, its flowering and i started it on some bone meal, recently but this was way after the leaves started yellowing , i not sure what it is or what to do , so any feedback would be awesome and much appreciated, again sorry for the incovience but just check my profile for the pics
  2. hey nice looking plants not an expert but growing so i cant help you out here man.. see ya later dog:smoking:
  3. during flowering it's normal for bottom leaves to turn yellow and fall off

  4. Absolutely, the plant is directing its main effort into producing bud.
  5. oh nice so there is nothing to worry about? he can just let it be?
  6. Just keep him fed and watered.
  7. hey thanks , ill be putting up new pics and pics of my other plants , i have around 40 as of right now i believe and will be updating each thread as soon as i can , this plant is in fact a female, and the only really worry of mine is the leaves as i know its normal for leaves to die off in flowering these are the main sets of leaves and one set is even turning white any info is thank
  8. 40, hey, ambitious.
  9. The plant could also need more soil. I had a plant that the bottom leaves started turning yellow and falling off in the veg state. I realized there wasn't near enough soil so I had to reupp and add soil.
  10. thanks i dont want to try and mess with the soil because i wouldnt want to damage any roots but this bone meal that i just got at a local hydroponics store is just now starting to kick in as iam flowering two females , both are starting to really bush out alot , ill have new pics at the end of this week! peace cannabisgrowon
  11. Looking forward to the next pics
  12. Is the new growth yellow, as well? that could be a ph problem. I have done some great seed-grows where the "codylites"sp were still green at harvest. No......, anytime there is a color other than green, there is a problem. I promise that! Just that some probs are acceptable and others cant be tolerated. Peace -T.Bug
  13. No, I don´t agree with that. It is normal for the lower leaves to die off as the plant concentrates its effort into producing bud, which are fed on photosynthesised sugars manufactured by the fan leaves. The lower leaves have done their job and are now discarded. Condition normal.
  14. t bug no the new growth is green, the bottom leaves are the ones that are turning yellow/whitish, i do think there might be a nutrient defiancy, maybe its lacking nitrogen? so its taking nitrogen from the lower leaves there fore the leaves are yellow ,
  15. Yellowing of leaves can most likely be due to a magnesium deficiency. This gives a lack of green chlorophyll, which shows as a fairly uniform yellowing.
    I add Epsom salts, MgSO4, to my water a couple of times each eason, about a teaspoon to a gallon. This very quickly puts the problem right.
  16. hey spanish fly thanks ive heard about using epsom but i wasnt sure on the amount and all but ill will do that next time i go to water my babies

  17. Most welcome. You only have to add Mg a couple of times in the season, a little goes a long way.

    Good luck with your grow.
  18. i'm actually having this same problem but i don't think they are into budding just yet, i haven't even seen any pre-flowers, they have only started to look weak like this in the past few days.. could this be caused by the recent storms in my area or maybe the lack of water or the air too dry or is it getting ready to bud
  19. Won´t be budding yet. Storms don´t usually harm MJ.
  20. hey spanish fly i just returned from adding the epsom and ferting/checking out my babies they are all a really lush green except the bottom leaves,also the other plots were looking really nice ill have some pics up soon , iam charging the batts as we speak thanks cannabisgrowon

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