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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ...Spliff!, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. I really wanted to buy some BOG seeds but my roomate is convinced that I will fail on my first grow. Im not going to lie, my knowledge is limited but I feel with some help from the internet I could grow some killer bud.

    What should I do, buy cheaper seeds?

    Or go all out and buy some expensive seeds.

    Either way what are some good choices for seeds, remember I have never grown before and I would like something with a large yield and very potent!

    Thanks guys!

    PS: I'd like to buy my seeds from (BOG's seeds are in Plan B Collective)
  2. I would strongly recommend that you start off with some "bag seed". Perfect your craft and make the mistakes on seed that you would normally just throw out after rolling one.
  3. Just noticed that you have a lot of posts for someone who has not grown yet... You sure must have a lot to say.... :rolleyes:
  4. i agree with Toke N Chill

    use some bag seed for your first grow, then if you fuck it up, no biggie
  5. but rememebr with bagseed you gotta place more seeds out or any seeds at that I would go with feminized seeds has them cheap I would go with the northern lights or the grapefruit or both they are fairly easy to grow and both have low smell during flowering
  6. sorry made a mistake they dont have any grapefruit anymore just try the ice or the C99 in there Xline do not get the white widow its known to hermie
  7. You can buy some cheap seeds from breeders such as Nirvana for around $20 for 10 seeds. If you are just starting, you could try bag seed but I recommend cheap breeder seeds just because of the proven genetics. As for expensive seeds and varieties I would stay away from them until you know what your doing. It's one thing to loose $20, but it's another thing to loose $100 on seeds.

    Good luck.
  8. Thanks for the faith in my growing skills guys! :p

    I may just buy a pack of cheaper seeds $25-$75. As I was saying I want to have some good bud when I am done this, would my knowledge affect the potency of my buds if I purchased quality seeds or would it mostly effect yield etc.
  9. [quote name='Toke"N"Chill']Just noticed that you have a lot of posts for someone who has not grown yet... You sure must have a lot to say.... :rolleyes:[/quote]

    tokin, nor I, have ever grown, we both have mad posts lol.

    But yes, i agree, my grow this season is pure bag seed. just stick to the no money spent skeme, trst me lol
  10. Knowledge could affect potency in addition to yield. For example, if you have males and don't remove them in time and pollinate the females that can affect potency. Poor grow conditions, too much stress, etc. could also impact potency in addition to yield.

    - you have bagseed but you know it is not particularly high quality, and
    - you really want good quality for whatever harvest you get, even if yield is low, and
    - $30-$40 seems worth it to you

    ...then get some inexpensive feminized seeds. You won't have the problem of growing males that way.
  11. My knowledge isn't as limited as it seems. I do know many things and I am germinating a bagseed as we speak (or type) it's basically a trial run...

    I do know most of the ovbious things although I am sure I will encounter some sort of problems, but with the help of you guys I'm sure I could grow some dank bud... :p

    I have narrowed my choices down to,

    Northern Lights -

    God Bud -

    Monkey Pal -

    Feel free to look through that site as I am open to any suggestions...
  12. if you have the extra money... go for it...

    what happens if you're a natural, and you grow perfect plants on your first try...youll regret your decision to grow bagseed.

    if you buy seeds and mess up, who cares its only 25$ bucks!
  13. Yeah, I am definetly going to buy seeds, now I need to choose what strain.

    What do you guys think of the ones I posted above?

    Any other suggestions are welcome.

  14. I'd say definately go ahead and order some cheap seeds, I can't recommend any strains since I've never ordered seeds before, though dr. chronic is where I'm planning on ordering my first, but I'd recommen going with bagseed first anyway because it's a good learning experience, plus lower quality is a relative statement... look at my grow linked in my signature. It's out of a bag of schwag that was nothing to write home about, but it turned out way better than I ever imagined. Also, I made a LOT of mistakes on this grow, and still will get several ounces of pretty nice bud. But yeah, I'm gonna order some mid priced seeds after another successful bagseed grow or two, than probobly throw down on some real good ones after a few successful grows of the cheap seeds. Just my two cents, but I'm looking forward to seeing how your grow turns out.
  15. hey man ,i know very little about growing either, infact its my first time to. me and my neighbour started with bagseed we got from some high quality ontario bud. its about a month and a week into it and we got a few nice plants, he has about 6 and i have one all of them range between 15- 24 inches , after 5 weeks. its all about growing it right, ive been researching alot and my bagseeds are turning out killer, for my first grow. hope to hear from you in the future.
  16. Why are you so dialed in to BOG seeds? There are good choices that cost less but you still know you are getting decent genetics.
  17. Not so much BOG but his genetics, they seem great and Bogglegum looked like something that fit my needs.

    I have now moved my attention towards other (cheaper) seeds, anything you would recommend toasty?

    Remember, I want something potent, with relatively low odor and is fairly easy to grow.
  18. Northern Lights is a good choice. Potent, pretty easy to grow, stays relatively small, and some phenos are among the lowest odor MJ strains. Will lean indica and more likely to give the couchlock body stone. Almost every breeder offers a variant of it.
  19. What about God bud?
  20. Never heard of it before I saw your linky. It's another indica-dominant, so the high should be similar to NL.

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