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please help me with this

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hubert, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. i figured you guys would know more

    im going to spain next summer and seeing how my spanish is not the best and i dont know how i would get weed in spain, how can i bring my own smoke over there without gettin caught? what if i made a shit load of brownies, like enough to last 2 weeks? would i still be in danger of getting sniffed out by dogs or what are some other risks.

    And how about hidding a fat ass sack in a shampoo bottle. would the smell hide it?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. damn dude, ya.... actually that shampoo bottle thing works, cus i did that with a 20 sak, and they never found it, (that was at an airport) and bake some brownies too, cus when i was at the airport waiting for my plane one time, i baked like a very small batch of brownies for myself, and i was sitting down and i had like 2 hours to wait still, and i just busted out my bronies and started eating them.... no one had a clue... best plane ride ever!
  3. dont do it. smuggling anything illegal through an airport is a felony. the risk just isnt worth it in my opinion, especially with all the hightened security at airports
  4. if you have to go through customs, i wouldnt risk it because ive had to walk by drug dogs at customs. if it doesnt go through customs their not looking for it, their looking for bombs and shit mostly. ive brought bud to colorado and florida on vacations (in the bottom of a deodorant container, cool way to stash it)
  5. if you take a CD case and the pice that holds the CD in like the bubble thing you can take that pice out buy pulling it just put your weed in small FLAT amount in there just take a bunch of cd and put theme near like come candles and shit

  6. damn dude u make no sense..... what u talking bout?
  7. erm... can i just state the obvious?

    do you know how cheap and how readily avaliable the *best* moroccan hash gets in spain? (southern spain especially, probably not as easy on the streets of barcelona)

    have a holiday, experience traditional smoking culture from the place your going to, much more interesting!

    you'll probably get skanked if you act like a tourist wanker, but be sound and you'll get sorted out.

  8. I think that I would just try to get some there. I would be too nervous to try to get it past security. But you prolly need to learn some basic Spanish stuff, includin stuff about weed. It'll prolly help!
  9. ive had 3 years of highschool spanish and can barely get by. but when they start taking all fast i get really lost. i guess i will just buy some there. thanks for the advice.

    also i have spanish cousins my age but i dont know if they smoke or not. and ive only met them like once 2 years ago when i didnt even smoke. im afraid they might tell on me or something gay like that. i guess i will just try to scope them out to tell if they smoke. hopefully thei english will have gotten better or my spanish will have by the time i go there next summer.

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