please help me with my seedlings and my lighting i only have a 400watt HPS HELP ME

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  1. please help me with my light situation
    the only light source i have is a 400watt HPS which leaves out ( cfl's and fluro's )
    my germ'd seeds just popped out of the soil lastnight and i have no idea how far to have the light
    all i know is if its too close to the light they burn and if its too far they stretch resulting in falling over
    i understand that this stage i need either cfl's or fluro's but i only have a 400watter
    please please please help me

    "ATTN " at the moment my lighting is sitting 20'' above reading 29ºc to 33ºc , if i need to re-calibrate my lighting please let me know , thanks
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    Seedlings need less light move light up to 3ft above the seedlings. Then in about 2-3 weeks when each seedling has 3-4 internodes (sets of leaves) you can move it closer. back to the 20 inches
    If your light has a glass shield you can have the light 18" above tops with suffcient air flow good luck.

    ** the temp can come down to or try to get it down to 25 cel. about 75 degrees Farenheit.
    also keep soil moist, I use a hand sprayer or mist bottle and keep soil surface moist.**

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