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Please Help ME with my firecracker !!!!!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by StoNer420, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Ok im planning to make a fire cracker but i have no fucking Penutbutter FUCKKKKK

    Can i use Butter lol

    ??? just regular butter please i need an answer quick !
  2. techincaly yeh butters got a lot of fat in it but it would melt everywhere in the oven, your better off waiting till you get peanut butter, or if you got nuttela or somethin
  3. Well
    You can also just smoke the bud
    And make a firecracker next time you have bud and peanut butter
  4. Fuck man it would melt everywhere What if i just put a tiny bit am i wasting my bud then Shit man i got penut butter in my house everyday accept now Wtf !!! lol
  5. dude it would just be a mess and not only would the butter melt it would burn too and the result would be a shitty tasting firecracker that wont get you high lol
  6. Haha thanks for the heads up ima just gonna smoke
  7. Wait Lol
    Thats why people have neighbors
    Ask to borrow their peanut butter Lol
  8. haha my fucking neibors are weirdos i never talk to them so how much bud is good for a firecracker ?? i never ate weed b4 just straight out smokin is the high different when its eaten
  9. .5 in each or a gram
  10. i heard the high is more coughlock

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