Please help me using nutrients for each week

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    please help me thank a lot !

    My tree at the Bloom Stage :
    I feed once a week with 14ml pH Perfect® Grow, Micro, Bloom I mix with 8 liters of water for 2 plants and big bud,b52,bug factox..I feed sequentially according to the manufacturer's instructions but I only use half of the recommended manufacturer's dose for fear of burning nutrients
    I do it that way and give out unwanted products small buds that are less fragrant
    How many nutrients do I need to use for each irrigation ?

    - The manufacturer dosage for me is 32ml nutrients for 8 liter water Do I need to use up in 1 week ?
    - Or I can split 2 times each time I use 16ml in 1 week and combine water discharge ?

    My tree Ice cool 60% sativa by sweet seds current my tree height 120cm use air pot 5 gallon
    My nutrients and soil that I use :
    nutrients : Advanced nutrients
    pH Perfect® Grow nutrients, Micro, Bloom, big buds, b52,bud factor x,over driver,Voo doo juice,bud candy
    My soil is 40%, perlite, vermiculite, cast worm,coir.and teaguano
    led mars hydrogen pro 900w,box temp 28c~29chumidity 60%

    In the image below are my two current trees
    my tree 2 weeks at bloom

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